31 March, 2007

Girls Night Out

Bijal, Carolina, and I had a girls night out tonight. We went watch Blades of Glory. Oh man, it was ridiculously funny. I laughed so hard that I almost cried. I totally recommand everyone of you go watch it right away. :)
After movie, we decided we wanted Olive Garden for dinner. When we arrived there, I think it's around 9-ish, but it was packed, and there was still a 40-45 mins waiting. So we headed to Pasta Fair. It was quite empty... Anyway, I had the baked seafood combo, really good. The most important thing was, all three of us had a chance to sit down together to chat, to complain our school and our life(sound familiar? it's called bitching, haha). Although I still found myself having problems speaking in English, I didn't care what I have said was wrong or didn't make sense, I just wanted to try to listen more and talk more. I believe eventually I would speak better. Thanks Carolina and Bijal, I really had a great time. I was going to take a picture when we were havig dinner, but I forgot. And because I didn't take a picture, Bijal was so relieved. She referred me as a pictures freak, I take pictures of everything. Yes, I am a picture freak, I don't think there is anything wrong with capturing the happy moments in my/our life, right? I only take pictures of the one who I consider they are my friends. So SnBers, be aware, I am bring my camera with me soon... hahahahaaaa(evil laugh) :D

30 March, 2007


Something happened yesterday that made me really mad. I wanted to bitch about it last night at SnB, but there are too many homework and tests this week and next week, so I couldn't go. Please ask me if you want to know what happened, because I can't really talk about it here. Plus, there is a lot going on in my life now, well, not a lot, but it seems like it. There are several ? above my head now... as my mother-in-law said, "that's life". :)

27 March, 2007

Thank you

After I talked to Elaine, Carolina and Bijal, and reading the comments that Anne, Lilith, Val, and Blanche left in the previous post, I feel much much better. Thank you guys, thank you so much for supporting me. I guess I was thinking too much and in a wrong way. As people who know me well, they know I am a pessimist, but from now on, I will try to change to become a optimist. I will try to have more confident to speak up. And once again, Thank you my friends, without you, I would be still depressed.

23 March, 2007

Cooking mama

Andrew got me a Wii game that I have been wanting for long time. It's called Cooking Mama. It's obviously a game about cooking. By moving the control, the player could do chopping, peeling, stirring, mixing dough? ect... I played for 3.5 hours last night after SnB, and my arms are a bit sore.

Speaking of SnB, I honestly have thought about stop going there lately. Here is the reason... I have noticed that around my friends from school and SnB, I still couldn't express myself all the time. What I mean is, I always said something that I didn't mean, or the way I said it turned out it sounded rude or non-sense. Mostly of the time, I understand what people are talking about in the conversations, but when it's my turn to say something, I don't know what to say or I would say something that makes me sound stupid or looks like an idiot. Sometimes, I sound like yelling; sometimes I sound like I am from another planet. I don't know what would people think if someone gave them an annoying look of "what the heck are you talking about"? For me, I would be very upset and frustrated. Don't get me wrong, not that my SnB friends or my classmates would give me that look, they are all being so patient to me. It's just that I am upset that I can't speak English like I speak Chinese which could let me talk regularly or at least use the right words for everything. I said I didn't want to go to SnB because, I guess I have lost the confident to actually go out of the house and talk to anyone besides my husband and my family. I even said to Andrew that I didn't want to leave the house, I didn't want to see anyone else, I don't want to be annoying to people, and I don't want to humilate myself anymore. I am mad at myself that I have been in the States for 7 years, and my english is still embarrassingly bad which most of the time people still don't understand what I am saying. I am very very depressed.

16 March, 2007

Spring break

This week is spring break. I hanged out with An on Monday. We first went to Thai House for lunch, then we went shopping clothes for work, I was planning to work 2 days at Schick started on Wednesday. Then, we came to my house and baked a chocolate cake with coffee icing. It was the first time An bake a cake. We were both very excited.

So, I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday(at Schick). I worked in the physics lab, I were doing some testing, can't tell what that was, top secret :) I had fun. Since I worked in different department than before, I got to see and learn different things.

Andrew was sick since Thursday, so I didn't go to SnB. I missed it!! But, guess what, I have casted on another pair of socks... yes, another pair. It's called Feather and Fan from Socks Socks Socks. I am using Bernat baby fingering weight in soft lilac, because it's for my mom, the socks need to be machine washable and dryable. I got them in A.C. Moore when the yarn was on sale for $2 each, $4 for a pair of socks, great deal!!

I can't believe it snowed again in mid-March. When everyone is blaming global warming, it snows. I am not anti-saving-enviornment-or-energy, but it seems when people couldn't find a reason why it didn't snow during Christmas or Janurary, they blamed global warming. Wait, people blame globla warming for everything... ok, I am calming down... Anyway, it snowed very hard on Friday, we got at least 5 inches snow. We didn't measure exactly how deep the snow was, but it's quite a lot. We drove out last night, and saw couple cars sliding or got stuck, couldn't move, saw a taxi couldn't make it up because it slow down too much on the bottom of the hill.

I put another movie in my favorite movies list last night. Andrew and I was going to rent Borat last night, but of course on friday night, we didn't have luck, and they were all rented out of course. So, I picked this movie called Stranger than Fiction. I never heard of that movie before. When I saw it, (Andrew was outside cleaning the snow on the car), I thought it could be funny since it has Will Ferrell, and Andrew like him a lot, so I rented it home. After watching it 15 mins, I found out that it's not quite funny. After watching about 30mins, it's quite interesting and creepy. After finished watching it, I felt in love with this movie. It's a very simple but not possible story, but it's very meaningful and touching and crazy. Totally recommand this movie to everyone.

Lastly, my spring break is pretty much over, and I don't want to go back to school!! I am having 3 mid-tern exams next week. Wish me luck!!

12 March, 2007

Wii party

Several of my friends from school came over to my house on Friday and we had a Wii party. I was the oldest in the party, but when playing wii, we all forgot how old we were, well, at least I did. I make fun of myself all the time that I always play with kids since my friends from school are way younger than me... yes Bijal, I know what you are going to say, but really, I am older than you, all of you, and yet, I feel younger when I am around you guys, thanks. After the Wii party, Andrew had his friends came over to have another party. I felt bad that I kind of ended my Wii party rushly and my Wii party messed up his UFC party, sorry Sean and Ken...

I finsihed the Jaywalker tonight. Yay!! They look real big, because I have big feet. The yarn I used is called "scheepjes" which I got it from Yarn Garden during superbowl sale, and I used knitpicks circular needles #1 for magic loops method. I made a mistake on the side of the sock. when I noticed, it was already too late to fix it. oh well. I don't think people can see it unless I told them...

08 March, 2007

more snow?

Last week, it snowed a bit. So Andrew had a chance to make 2 snowmen around midnight. One of them fell down right away after we took the pictures, and both of them melt a lot the next morning. But at least we have made snowmen this year :)

I finally finished crocheting the rice cooker cover. Yes there is pink on the the bottom. Since I used the leftover yarn from my Kyoto sweater, I ran out of the blue and the white, so I had to use a little bit of pink to finish it. It whole thing was done by single crochet, very simple. But I have done so many tiny experiment to make up this pattern. Very proud of myself :-P It doesn't look so bad, does it?

For my Jaywalker socks, I haven't had a chance to touch it since last Thursday in SnB. But it's spring break next week, I am sure I will finish them next week, and maybe start another pair of socks. Well, only if Andrew finished making me the swift. :)

06 March, 2007


Andrew and I went to see "Cats" on Sunday night. It was nice. I like it, although I didn't understand most part of the show. :D We bought the tickets way back at last August. So we got awesome seats. It was supposed a special event for Valentine's Day, I know, it's a little late... We sat at the middle of the 4th row. We could see all the details of the setup of the stage, the costumes and the make up of the actors. So nice.

I had the Static test in the morning. I sucked, I don't think I did well. I am quite upset about that. Since everyone told me that Static is very easy, (ok, may be not everyone, maybe only Andrew) but I didn't undertand a thing in class. I feel very very frustrated and worried.

Next week is spring break, I am hoping I can go to work a bit and get some rest. I can't wait...