23 June, 2008

Strawberry picking

Last Saturday, we went strawberry picking at Jone's Family Farm in Shelton. It was a perfect day because it wasn't hot at all. Andrew and I picked 9+ lbs of berries together. There are some interesting looking ones. Of course, Andrew got yelled at when I saw him picking the smallest strawberries that I have ever seen(see the following pictures). But after all, it was an fun experience. What do I do with 9 lbs of berries? I have made Strawberry Bread. It tasted good to most of the people at work. Andrew likes it. So I am going to make another batch of it. If I have more strawberries left, I may make another batch for the ladies. We'll see...

18 June, 2008


Yay, it's done and blocked. I love it. I used the Schaefer Anne for this shawl and size 6 needles. I kept changing back and forth using size 5 and size 6 needles at the very begining. After all, it was a easy pattern, however, it was such a pain in the neck to purl the nupps.

11 June, 2008

Can it BE any hotter?

If you have been my house, you know it's like a giant green house... therefore, for the last couple days, Andrew and I have been baking whenever we were in the house. My cats didn't even want to move at all.

The heat in the house does cause a problem, I haven't knitted much. Yeah, like yesterday, I didn't touch any yarn at all, no knitting, yeah, can you believe it? As Jennsquared said, "THAT'S BAD!", I know!

So just to show you my current project, here is the picture of the swallowtail shawl that I have been knitting...
Since I haven't knitted, I cooked a lot. I have made Golumpki (cabbage rolls), it is a recipe that I copied from my mother-in-law's cookbook. It was really good. Now, I am no Polish, but I loved it, but Andrew said it was ok.

Tonight, I have baked Quiche. There were ham, bacon, spinach, mushroom, Monterey cheese, Cheddar cheese, and Parmesan cheese, sour cream, and stuff, of course eggs. Again, I loved it, and Andrew said it was ok. See the pattern there?

I took Cookie to the vet and get her fixed today. She came home with a cone, and we can't take it off her for 14 days. Poor Cookie...

02 June, 2008


Andrew has gone for a training conference at Long Beach, CA. He left on Sunday afternoon, and will be back on Thursday night, so guess what? I may not make it to SnB this week. I know, I know, but I miss my DH(yes already!), need to spend some time with him once he got back, so, no booing, ok?

Before Andrew left, we were trying to have a nice dinner on Saturday. So we have decided to grill homemade burgers and some chicken wings(chinese like to grill chicken wings). It was still bright around 7:30pm. We started grilling around 8pm, still bright.

Then around 8:15pm, when the burgers and wings were still half-raw, it started raining like crazily heavy. What did I do? THIS....

Looks like fun huh?