30 November, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

I didn't go out, I went on Amazon.com... And Merry super-early Christmas to me!!! I got myself a Christmas gift ALREADY! Andrew mentioned to buy me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas.. I was like, oh, that's a great idea! Then I found it at amazon's the Black Friday sale. I was like GREAT! I ordered it at 1-ish pm on Friday. Then I got an email around 4:30pm on Saturday saying that it was delivered(I was still at New York)... I was shocked! I wasn't home yet, I didn't get home until 9:30pm at night. Then once I got home, I saw it right outside the garage...

I don't know why it had a lab saying the package contains alcohol which it doesn't. Also, it says "Adult signature required, Check ID..." No one has signed it when it was delivered... did Fedex do their job right and follow the delivery instructions? It was just funny! And how it's sitting beautifully on my kitchen counter :D What should I make next?

Did you change your gmail template? I did, it's so cuteeee!

19 November, 2008

New Knitting project(s)

Finally, it's cold enough for me to knit at home now. Or I tend to knit more when I am all stressed out.

Anyway, I got couple new projects. The first one(s) is(are) a gift (gifts). So, can't post it here. But this is another one. It's a neck-warmer called Flared Lace Smoke ring . I am using Rowan Kidsilk Night for this project, I think it's coming along pretty good. The silver grey color lace pattern will look great on top of my black hair...

I am also working on a scarf too, but I didn't take any picture of it yet, so I can't so you how beautiful it is. LOL. I also want to show you some silly things that I have been doing...

I went to a great sushi place with J last Friday. It is like a buffet type of restaurant. You pay one price, and then order whatever you want in the menu, and as many times and much as you want, as long as you don't waste their food... It was pretty worth it, since we did order lots of sashimi, raw salmon, yummmmm

Then Saturday, I went and got a hair cut. ( I guess that's not silly, but my picture is)

Remember when you were a kid, you always put a laundry bucket over your head and pretended you were a robot? No? me either. Someone told me it's fun, because he/she used to do that a lot. Then he/she asked me to try it...

Also I forgot to post a very significant picture of me.... I voted!!! November 4th, my first presidential vote!!!

09 November, 2008

Minimalist #2

Finally, it's finished!!!

I had never knitted with black yarn before. I thought the black yarn wouldn't show the pattern at all. Since C requested the Minimalist in Black, so tried. And it turned out beautiful (at least I think it is) surprisingly. I am glad the pattern shows nicely. Now I only hope she will like it. I was funny that I didn't realize I was wearing mine while I seamed the black one...

27 October, 2008

I am very proud of my hubby!

This is why I am so proud of my Hubby!!!

Yup, Andrew started learning how to knit! I didn't force him, he asked me to teach him. So no matter how busy I am right now, I need to blog about it.

And I got another awesome gift today from Becky, my favorite sister-in-law. A "30 Rocks!" mug and a recipe birthday card, how cool is that? Love them!!!!! Thanks Becky! Thanks for just to remember my birthday hehehe...

19 October, 2008

Happy "No Biggie" 30th Birthday for me!

It was a very very special day for me. On the 15th, since my friend C wants to pick me up after work and then drop me off at home, so I carpooled with Andrew in the morning. Before we went to work, Andrew stopped by Starbucks and get my breakfast, he knows how much I love Starbucks. It wasn't a good day at work. I got pulled out from a project that I liked a lot, lots of challenges. So I was quite upset about it. Jennsquared stopped by my desk and gave me a present and a card and wished my happy birthday. How nice of her.

At 2:30, all of my co-works celebrated my birthday with a cake and a card. They sang me a happy birhday song, so touching.

Then around 6pm, my friend C came picked me up at work. She didn't tell me where we were going, only told me that she would just like to hang out with me for a while, then she would dropped my off at home, so that Andrew could celebrate with me. Then we went to get a Birthday Girl tiara, and stopped by TGIF for a drink. Then she took me to a restaurant called Kumo in Hamden, once she parked, she made me covered my eyes and walked across the parking lot. Once I got it, uncovered my eyes, I saw several of my friends. Jennsquared, Julee, Zack, Anne, and of course Andrew. It was a big surprise! We had Hibachi there, awesome food, awesome entertainment! They gave me a card and 2 gifts, which are still being shipped. I was soooo excited and glad that they could be there and celebrate with me, even thought there were couple of my friends couldn't make it to the dinner, I knew they were thinking of me, and I felt so loved!!!

Besides my friends, my family also took some actions. My parents sent me lucky money; Becky, my sister-in-law and Grammy called. Got a card from Gramma, got "The card of the year" from my parents-in-law. It's big, and it's Hello Kitty, can't top that!

I also got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook. It's a great place to connect with friends and family, close and far. I would like to thank every one who has participated part of my "no biggie 30th" birthday. It was warm, surprised and loved. More pictures here...

You may have noticed how long I haven't updated my blog, it's because I haven't accomplished any knitting project lately. However, tonight, I have finished the Minimalist for C, I just need to sew the pieces together, and it will be done, and then I can move on to a new project.

27 September, 2008

Way early B-day gift

I got my birthday gift already! Ok, the story started from last year when Andrew and I drove up to see my parents. We stopped by the World Largest Truck Stop in Iowa. We saw a sticker which was only $2. Andrew thought it was hilarious if I put it on my car(because my car is so tiny), but I thought it's too big and would make my car ugly. So, I didn't allow him to buy it, even though it's $2. And then, guess what? I have regret we didn't buy it ever since we left the truck stop. We looked for it for the rest of the trip, still couldn't find it in all the big truck stops. I have been kept looking online even since we came back from the trip, but no luck. Until Monday, I came back home from work, I saw a package left next to the garage door. I looked, it's Andrews, from IOWA80truckstop.com, I smiled. Then I took it inside the garage and left it next to the basement door. Andrew came home, I didn't see him taking up the package, so I asked him. And here it is, my cheapest birthday gift ever! But I absolutely love it!!!

I made sushi on Monday, and look, aren't they pretty? The square ones are hot dogs, middle ones are tuna salad with asparagus , top ones are shrimp with cream cheese with chive and onion, the bottom ones are hot dog with
asparagus and portabello mushroom.

Yesterday after work, I went shopping with my friend from work. We were looking for a small gift for my another friend, C., who just became a US citizen yesterday. We went to target and had our little fun trying on some crazy sunglasses. I almost bought the orange one, only $12. It was sooo much fun, and we looked ridiculous, hahahaha....

At night, Andrew and I have attended C.'s citizenship happy hour. I am so proud of her! Now we can both vote this year!!!

What did I do today? I got up pretty early, cleaned the house, and baked a pie! Ken, the house owner came visiting today, and he asked for a banana cream pie for dessert. So, I baked my very first banana cream pie! Taste? don't know yet. He is still watching TV with Andrew downstairs... may be it's time for dessert...

21 September, 2008

Weekend at a garden

Andrew and I met up my cousin and his fiancee at Chinatown in NY for dim sum for lunch, and then we went to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for some photo-taking.

Of course I was too excited at the dim sum restaurant, and I was too hungry, I forgot the to take pictures of our food. It was good. I missed dim sum.

Then we took subway to go to the Gardens. Got off the subway, had a not-so-short walk to the garden, I was thinking, this Gardens better worth for all the walking. we were there for 3 hours, and it's worth it. Although it's not the season for most of the flower to bloom, but the Gardens is still beautiful. More pictures, click here.

Then 4 of us went back to Chinatown for dinner. It's a restaurant called Singapore Cafe. Food was awesome and reasonable. highly recommended!

Indian pancake

oyster pancake

Everything was tasty!!!

Japanese Style green tea cheesecake.

Portuguese custard tart.

Then Andrew showed me this video this morning, funny!

and then I found this video afterward, funnier!!!