24 April, 2007


I was surprised to see the flowers in the front yard when I got home today.

Tow days ago:


23 April, 2007

Spring is here!!

Remember couple weeks ago, it rained really bad? Because it rained too much, our basement was flooded last Sunday night. The water in the creepy room was the deepest, almost 2.5 inch deep. Monday night, Andrew and I went to Lowe's to get a pump, we were not surprised that all the pump were gone. We were lucky found one on a staff table. The pump has worked for several hours, but still didn't suck much water out.

It has been crazy this couple weeks, lots of projects, homework, and tests. I missed SnB last week again. I felt very bad I couldn't make it. I need to go as much as I can before next semester, because I can't go next semester :(

Spring is here. The flowers in the front yard are growing fast. I planted the tulips 2 years ago. They growed very healthy last year. I hope they do the same this year also. We'll see... Finally the weather has been very nice. It was 70s in the weekend. Andrew and I went for a walk by the beach on Saturday. So romant
ic ;)

15 April, 2007

Relaxing weekend

Monday, I got back a test result from the thermal class. I failed... my first failed test in my U.S. life. Of course I was very upset. I studied, but I didn't get a good grade, very disappointing. However, I did have a very relaxing weekend to make myself feel better. I spent lots of time in knitting, yay!!

First of all, I have finished the Feather and Fan socks.
Secondly, a project that I have been working on. It's almost finished, do you know what that is? I am sure you have seen this pattern before. ;)
Lastly, I have started 2 new projects. One is Lacy Waves Top from the book Lace Style. I have 3/4 of the back piece done, will shape the armholes next. And the second one is another kitchen hand towel.
It's time for signing up class for the fall semester. *sigh. I will have all night classes again. I really don't like it. I remember last couple semesters ago, I also had all night classes, and my living schedule was so messed up. I would get home from school around 10pm, had dinner and went to bed at 4am. And then got up around noon or 2pm and went to school at 5pm. I didn't even spend much time with Andrew. It was so tough. And now that I know it's going to happen again, I feel so down. I am not liking it already. Plus all night classes means that I can't attend Wednesday and Thurday night SnB meeting. *crying.

09 April, 2007

Easter Weekend

This small vacation is over. Although I didn't go anywhere, I did get some stuff done. I went to Thursday and Sunday's SnB. I am getting close to finishing the Feather and Fan socks. I am so excited, I can't wait to start another pair of socks :D

Yesterday on the way home from SnB, I saw an accident. It was on the ramp of Exit 42, right in front of Denny's. It 's kind of scary...

This weekend, something sad happened. One of my good friends here has left and gone back to China. I am very upset about that. I have been in the States for 7 years. I don't have lots of friends here only a couple, but now one of them has left me, how can I not be upset? Now I can only wish her the best :) and An, keep in touch!! I hope you will be back soon.

03 April, 2007

Blades of Glory X 2

Yes, I have seen that movie twice already. It's still funny for the second time.
I had a fight with Andrew on Saturday. Big one too, I think. Have you ever felt that there is something that you think your husband or boyfriend cares about it more than you? I think Andrew cares about "that thing" more than me. I know it's not true, but sometimes it's very hard to tell. Yea, so I was mad at him in the afternoon, and our fight even got his mom involved. Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to make you worried. Then everything was fine in the evening, and we went to watch blades of glory and had dinner at Shanghai Gourmet.

It was a mess in Shanghai Gourment. We waited for a while for the table. while we were waiting our food, there was a guy at another table went complaint that his food was cold. And then the lady sat next to us was served the wrong food from another table. And I was pretty sure that our appetizer was also eaten by another customers too. By the time I had my food, I ordered ginger duck, there was steam coming out from it. Andrew heard another lady behind me said that how come her food was cold while mine was steaming hot. When I started eating my first piece of duck, it was cold inside. I mean after 1 min, the steam was gone, and my food became cold. The ladies sat next to us were waiting for the check for at least half an hour, while we were also waiting for ours for at least 15mins. They were so unorganized, and I am sure after that night, they have lost some customers who would never go back again....

Since I have been busy with homework, tests, and fighting with hubby, I have not had time to knit. Easter holiday is coming, I hope I will have some time to finish my socks and I want to cast on a hat and a sweater. we will see.