30 September, 2007

What kind of needles am I?

Saw this from Jenn's blog, looks interesting...

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are interchangeable.Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every eventuality covered and every opportunity just has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and every day is a new beginning. You are good at so many things, it's amazing, but you can easily lose your place and forget to show up. They have row counters for people like you!
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28 September, 2007

I am back!

I don't even know when was the last time I have post, it seems like last month(I know it's not that long, but it seems like it though). My Dad is still in ICU. The forth week already. He keeps getting surgeries twice a week instead of 3 times a week, the doctor said he is doing a bit better after every surgery, so I guess it's good. I don't care how long it will take, as long as he will get well later. Thanks for everyone's concerns and asking, I really appreciated.

School has been busy. Even though I have only missed one week of school, I am still catching up. I have couple tough classes this semester, and I have been thinking dropping one of them, we will see.

And I have been moving too. Last weekend, my parents-in-law came to help us move. Originally we wanted them to come to help us movin
g some big furniture(because I am so wimpy, I couldn't help my husband to do that), then just hanged out in the new house. But then they have helped us to move a lot which I really appreciated, because otherwise, we would have moved everything slowly, we know we are slow, hahaha. So thank you Mom and Dad H.

I love and proud of my car so much. It really helps our moving a lot. It is very room that it carries lots of things at a time. Here is one example...

Left view from the left back door

view of the trunk

view from the right back door

Without my husband in the car while I am driving, I could even put one more box on the passenger seat. We kept loading and unloading our two small cars like that twice a night for a week to move our things( I have a Honda Fit, and DH has a Subaru WRS wegan). The house is still a mess, lots of boxes and little things everywhere. Bugging me. I want to get them organize as fast as I can, but still, I also got lots of homework and projects, and mid-terms are coming.

Here are the pictures of the house... or should I show the pictures now when it looks messy? May be it's ok to show only the front of the house.

Oh, right after I came back from Fargo, I went to the first class of one of my classes. Before that class, I had been paying attention to what book(s) I needed for that class, but there has been no information from the book store. So at the first class, the professor showed up with lots of books and said those are the text books, which were written by him, that we need for this class, and they cost $200. He specifically said we can't find the books online, so we, the broke students, had to buy them from him. (Those book looked used) We could take the book now and paid him back the following week. I was like, what a rip off. So only 3 or 4 people from the class took them. The next day, one of us found those book online for $70...

While all these stuff going on in my life right now, I have not had time to knit... I miss you guys in SnB, and I miss knitting... talking about knitting, there is something I want to show it off... maybe next post... hehe :D

12 September, 2007

I am selfish

I really think I am since I have come back to CT from Fargo on Sunday. It was the most difficult decision I have made in my life so far. I wanted to stay there with my mom and my brother, but I also didn't want to miss so many classes in school. If I did miss some classes this semester, I may waste another whole year to graduate... But is school really that important? More important than my family? I don't think so. However, my dad's situation is kind of stable now. He is still in ICU, still in a very critical condition, still needs to get surgery every other day, but beside sitting in the hospital with my mom and my brother all day, I can't do anything else to help my dad. Beside school, I do have to get ready to move. yes, Andrew and I are moving next week, and we haven't even started packing yet. Like Andrew said, we can also fly back if we need to. Also my mom told me to go back to CT even I know she didn't mean it. My heart was broken when the plane took off at Fargo Airport... It was a terrible feeling...

While in the hospital all the time last week, I finished knitting the Monkey.

And I got to visit the LYS twice in Fargo which it was closing. And what that means? Big sale of course! Andrew and I had about 1 hour free one day, so I asked him to visit that store. Without a GPS, we got lost at first, then we found it after a while. I went in, most of the good stuff were gone. And since we had to rush back to the hospital(lack of time to shop) and lack of luggage room, I only bought a magazine. The Vogue Knitting winter 2005/06 issue for only $2. And the last day in Fargo, after packing up, which I know I had a little room for yarn, I asked my mom if I could go to the yarn store again before going to see my dad. She said ok, so we all went together. This time, I spent about 1/2 hour there, and picked out 4 skeins of socks yarn, $3.5 per skein. I only took pictures of two skeins of Jawoll because I want to give the other two (another brand) to my Secret Pal. I also bought some Fiber Trends patterns which they are usually $5+ each. And I got 6 of them for $1.5 each!!

I think knitting really helps reducing the stress, helps keeping the bad thoughts out of my mind. Yarn Shopping really makes me forget the unhappiness.

After I came back, I have tried to catch up things in school. It seems I am having a very tough semester although it's only the beginning of the third week of school... good luck to me.

At last, I want to thank you for all of my friends' support. The messages you have left means a lot to me. Thank you very much everyone!!

08 September, 2007

Bad news

If you wonder where I have been, why I haven't posted for so long... I am in Fargo ND. My dad got real sick on last Sunday that my mom called me and asked me to go home. So Sunday, Andrew and I flought out here immediately. My dad got gallstone 2 sundays ago, then he has been in ICU since last Wednesday since he has pancreatitis. The doctor said he is in a very critical situation. And he will need a long time to get better. he needs surgeries every other day. He already had 3 and the doctor said there will be more until the infection has gone away totally.

Maybe I shouldn't say much more here, but sometimes I feel scared and useless. There is nothing I can do to help my dad. On the other hand, I am glad I am here with my mom that I could give her supports.Andrew has been by my side all the time when I need him. My mother in law also offers to come here to help me. My friends from school also gave me lots of supports. Of course my best friend Renee, I can't tell how much or how important or how much she mean / is to me. I don't know how to express, but I feel I am so lucky to have them. Without them, I would be so lost.... I only want to say "Thank you!!" to them.