17 February, 2008

DH cooking

Yes he did. I asked him to cook a fancy dinner for Valentine's Day at 11pm on Feb 13th. And he complained that he didn't have enough time since I asked too late. Well, he was given some advice from his friend and bought some frozen homemade food home to cook. (the place is in Milford, but I forgot the name already). He bought lobster ravioli(uncooked) , some while sauce, Challah bread (one of my favorite), and chocolate mousse for dessert. The lobster ravioli was really really good! Lots of lobster meet in the ravioli! Thanks to Sean who gave this idea to Andrew! And thanks honey for semi-making the dinner! I also want to thank him for the card, it did make me cry after I read it, very thoughtful and touching. Best card I ever got from him!

What did I gave Andrew for V.Day? I made his favorite chocolate, well, I made fudge. My very very first time. There will be no picture of it to show you, because it looked quite ugly, and since I don't eat sweet chocolate, I don't even know if it tastes good or not... But Andrew seemed appreciated.

School has been busy, but I still manage to have some time to knit. Minimalist Cardigan is coming along well. The back is done. I am knitting the front left and right at the same time, it's at the armhole shaping. Besides that, nothing else is going on... OH, I went to Yarn Knit All on Friday after work for their anniversary sale. What did I buy? Before I show you, get a napkin for wiping your drool! I got 3 skeins of Noro Kochoran in lime and violet, some Sublime Fine Merino in green, and 2 skeins of Shubui sock yarn in light blue, of course I didn't forget to get something for me knitting pal!

13 February, 2008

Quick updates

OK, it's kind of late, and I still have some homework that need to be finished by tonight. But I do want to show you what I have done since last post quickly... here I go....

Sunday, Andrew and I went to a concert at Mohegan Sun. I was very excited because it was a Hong Kong singer that I kind of like. I have never thought that I could have Chinese/Hong Kong-nese concert experience when I am here in the U.S. So I was too excited to tell you how I felt about it. I can tell you that the one big special thing to watch HK concerts is to see the costumes that the singer wears, here is couple examples...

I have finished the Juliet. I love it, I was worried that it would be too wide and too short for me, but I have asked people who have seen it around me, and they all like it, so no worries anymore. I do like those buttons a lot. I got them from Walmart. Love the yarn, Frog Tree Merino Melange in color 901, very unique color. I have used all 10 balls of it, knitted 2 strands together, so total 1000 yd. Also can see the picture in Jennsquared's blog.

When Superbowl Sale at Yarn Garden, I bought a hank of 100% silk yarn, which only has 110 yards. So I made a short scarf for myself with this pattern.

Then I have casted on the
Falling Leaves socks. I told myself that I am going to try toe-up socks, and these will be my first pair. This pattern seems simple enough but not too boring. However, since I didn't do a swatch(as always), I used size 1 knitpicks options, and it is way too big, so I have to frog it. Right away, I orderd some size 0 needles, hopefully that will help. And this is where I got before I frogged it.

The weather was pretty bad this morning. Our driveway was a mess. It was so foggy outside, it was dangerous to drive. So DH and I have decided to stay home, yeah, I know some people would not believe and would not understand our thinking, but we jus
t wanted to be safe. So, how could I not knit if I am home in this crappy weather? So, while I am waiting for the needles for the socks, I have casted on the Minimalist Cardigan today. And this is what I got so far.

Well, I guess it's not really a quick post. Now back to homework.

08 February, 2008

Valentine's Day Swap

I have joined the Holiday Swap from Ravelry. The first swap is for Valentine's Day. I have received my pal's package yesterday. The package contained some amazing items, like some yarn, dark chocolate(my favorite!), a letter,and a handmade gift. In the letter, my pal explained this little purse that she has made, is a perfect side for carrying things that side like a pack of sugar. :D

So, I brought the little purse to show my SnBers on Thursday night. Then Costumechick gave me her package of "sugar", which has always been in her knitting bag, to put into my new purse, and I have made sure that it wasn't used HAHAHA. How sweet! Thank you, Co

I have finished the Juliet. It's being blocked. Today, I have almost frogged the whole thing, because I thought it was too big. At the end, I did frogged about 5 rows since I didn't have enough yarn for the last repeat, so I ripped it and binded off. Will show more pictures next post.

05 February, 2008

Happy Surprise Valentine's Day

Today, I was talking to Carolina about how we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day next week. I told her that usually, Andrew doesn't plan anything, just asks me what I wanted to do. So this year, maybe we will go out to have dinner, 90% Japanese food.

Andrew went to his friend's house to work out. Before he drove home, he gave me a call and asked if it's ok to have McDonalds for dinner, he would bring it back on the way home. I agreed. When he was back, it was already 9pm, I was super hungry. So I ran to the kitchen to find that brown bag. I didn't see any br
own bag, instead, I saw a big container of sushi. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day!", I said, "It's next week..." "That's why it's a surprise"... SWEET! So, I had my Sushi and Sashimi for two for dinner, and my husband knows me well!

As for knitting, I promise to show pictures of the Hemlock Ring Blankets, here they are... I am planning to give it out as a gift. I was having problem blocking it because it was hard to make it flat, it could be just me, because Jennsquared said she didn't have that problem. It's about 50" diameter about it was blocked.

I also have casted on the Juliet
last night. I am knitting 2 strands of yarn at the same time, hopefully it will come out well.

02 February, 2008

Forgot it again!

I was wearing my pretty-purple-cable sweater on Thursday. And it got approved by my SnB friends. Happy!

Once I sat down, heard the mailman story, got my food, ate it, then I took out my Hemlock Ring Blanket and tried to work on it. And then I was like "oh crap! I forgot to bring my pattern." Of course, there were like 10 people around me yelled "AGAIN?" in harmony. YES, again, it's the third time I have done it. Since the next couple rows of the blanket are knit rows(there are 10000 stitches in one row), I had something to do for the most of the time I was there. Then I was trying to work on something else, but of course, I forgot to print out the pattern. Oh well. I had fun though on Thursday night.

Speaking of Thursday night, I supposed to have a Dynamics class(a 300 level class). The story started on the first day I went to UNH. I took Dynamics at Gateway already, but somehow, the people in UNH used that credits to waive a stupid Introduction to Engineering class(a 100 level class). So, I had to take Dynamics again at the first semester in UNH. I went to the class, heard the syllabus, and told Professor S. that I have known all the material he was going to teach since I learned that from Gateway. He asked me to take the homework and exams from the Gateway class to show him. I did, and he said I did pretty well, asked me to drop the dynamics class and take Vibration instead. Also said, next time when he teaches the dynamics class again, I would only have to sign up, I didn't need to sit in the class nor take any exams, but I would still get an A. Sounds like a good deal to me. Until the end of last semester, I found out that Prof. S. was going to teach that class again, so I signed up right away. Since I am very close to graduating, I don't have many classes let to take, so this semester I only have 13 credits. But a week before the semester started, I found that Prof. S has changed his mind, and not teaching that class anymore. I totally freaked out because I need that class to stay full time. Since I do need Dynamics to fill my academic worksheet, so I had no choice but to go to the Thursday night Dynamics class. I went, and the class got canceled, because I was the only one who signed up that class. I am screwed!! I have called the financial aid, they said if I switched from full time student to part time, I would lose 2 scholarships and and lower my federal student loan! I can't afford to do that. Now I have figure something else to stay as a full time. Good luck to me!!

Since I want to knit as much as I can before I got really busy in school(which could be next week), I have been knitting as much as I can. I finished my sweater last Friday(the 25th), I casted on the Hemlock Ring Blanket on Saturday(the 26th), and it has been blocking since last night(Feb 2nd). I like the pattern a lot, it's pretty easy, but the blind off t
ook FOREVER!!!! Let me give you a preview of the blanket. I will show more pictures once I finish blocking it.