26 February, 2007

Free yarns

Several weeks ago, I bought some sugar'n cream cotton yarn for the Valentine hand towels. There were some black things within the yarns. So I wrote a letter to the company in Canada, and asked the reason of the black things in the yarn and if they are harmful. Last week, they sent me back a small package, which had a letter, 60 patterns and 3 balls of yarn. In the letter, they basically appologized and explained what happened to the yarn. (They have switched to a new material supplier) I expected they would tell me if the yarn is ok to use or not, but they didn't. I also expected to get some free yarns, and they did gave me some lol. What I didn't expect was, they gave me whole bunch of patterns, 65 of them. I will bring them to SnB and see if any one want to borrow them this week.

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to a Chinese New Year Celebration Show. My friend, Suyana, had a dancing performance, so I was there to support her. She was also very sweet to get me a huge discount on the tickets. It was $15/person, and she made them $8 each.
I was mad at Andrew before the show because he made us late to meet my friends to go to the show together. For those of you who knows me very well, know that I am a "on time" person, I hate being late. So, althought we were only couple minutes late yesterday, I was upset about it. And then we didn't know how to get to the location of the show, that also made me mad. I was the one supposed to know the location, but I forgot the print out the map and ended up making my friends getting lost in New Haven. I was mad at Andrew and myself, really. But when the show started, I forgot all the madness, and just paid attendion to the show. I enjoyed it very much. I was very excited to see the singer Yang Yen, 楊燕. yes, she is old, my mother told me that she is at least 60 years old. But her voice was still clear and nice. Yes, I know her and that means I am old also. It's funny though, most of my friend around my age wouldn't care for her, but since I listened to whatever my parent listened when I was young, so I knew her, and I like the music of the last generation.

The second part of the show was a Chinese fashion show called "Moving Forbidden City". It's very different. I wouldn't say I like the clothes, but I do thing it's interesting, and a special experience. I would say it's a weird fashion show. Look at the pictures below and you would agree with me.

21 February, 2007


I had a pop quiz in the Statics+Dynamics+Material class yesterday. I DID not do well. Honestly, I have been very lost in that class, as I have mentioned before, the professor is a book reader, I haven't learned much from him. So, on the quiz, it was a truss question. I tried to use "method of joints" to solve the problem, but it took me forever and still didn't finish a bit. Then after the quiz, break time, I asked the professor how to appoach that kind of questions. He said I should use "method of sections". Then I told him I didn't get it and don't know how to use that methond. He didn't answer me directly and just kind of ignored me. And then after the break, one of my classmate told the professor that he didn't know how to use "method of sections". The professor, again, DID NOT answer my classmate, and kind of skipped the whole topic and started a new chapter. I was very very mad about that. How could a professor found out that some of the students didn't understand something and still ignored it and not re-teach it again? Some students asked the professor throw away the quiz because they thought they didn't do well. At the end of class, the professor said, 'Should I throw away the quiz? If it's that bad, I don't want to spend time reading it.", and we said, "YES!!". I am very scared, I feel like I were in the maths class which I took in HK, which I had the same kind of professor who only read the book. And I failed that class real bad. I am having the same feeling that I am going to fail this class...

My late Valentine's Day gift has arrived yesterday.

It's a Hello Kitty sewing machine!! Although I don't know how to sew, I am very excited to have it. My mom used to sew for living, my mom-in-law and my sister-in-law knows how to sew. I feeling like I need to know also. Plus, I have always wanted to learn. I can't wait to start using it, but I have to wait until I completely finish reading the "teach myself how to sew" book. :D

19 February, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, but Andrew and I didn't do anything special to celebrate.
Chinese New Year's Eve is very important to us. It's like Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving, all the people would have a very nice dinner at home with their family. And we also have a "open year dinner" with all the family on Chinese New Year night. My parent has gone to CA to visit my uncles and aunts there. Kaho just stayed at home alone. I have made some chinese food for those two night. I have made beef and veggie stir fried with rice cake and dumplings for New Year's Eve, and porridge and turnip cake for New Year night.

I haven't finished my first Jaywalker sock, because... After I turned the heel and started the gusset, I tried it on. Then I found out, it's very very tight for my foot. I was so upset, and then I ripped it and re-knitted it from the very beginning. oh well....

16 February, 2007


中國新年就快到喇, 我屋企人唔喺身邊, 感覺好弧單. 以前都唔會有咁嘅感覺, 唔知係咪無見屋企人好耐, 所以有D掛住佢哋. 其實每年感恩節同聖誕節都喺 Andrew 父母屋企中渡過, 氣氛好好, 好温馨, 不過我反而有D傷感, 好想返屋企見我D家人. 不過D機票真係好貴, 所以唔可以成日返. 仲有, 喺我呢到都無乜香港朋友, 我哋都唔會點興祝. 不過真係好掛住屋企, 快D到七月就好喇, 就可以返屋企.
我今日買咗蘿蔔糕, 諗住年初一整唻食, 好彩 Andrew 都好鍾意食蘿蔔糕, 咁都算喺有D新年氣氛.
我開始發覺我而家講同寫都有D詞不達意, 可能巳經太耐無用中文啦, 所以退步哂. 而家英文又唔得, 中文又咁差, 都唔知點算好, 唉.....

15 February, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I did have a happy Valentine's Day. Although Andrew and I did not do anything special, I still had a very good time. We ordered a take out dinner from Texas Roadhouse and had a very romantic dinner while watching a movie at home. Andrew used lots of efford to look for the gifts for me. What did I get? After work, he called several game stores to find the "Wii Play" for me. Since it was launched on the 13th, it was sold out everywhere. But finally, he found it at Target in the mall. Beside the game, he also got me something else. It is being mailed, so I will tell what it is once I have got it. I didn't get him a good gift compare to what he got me. I bought him the Celtic Women cd and DVD. He said he likes their songs which would make him have goosebum? (don't know how to spell). Anyway. The steak I order from Texas Roadhouse was so good, and Andrew loves their ribs too. I think it's a 4.5 stars restaurant!!

We had a little snow yesterday. So in the morning, I got up a little earlier than I usually do, and see if the school was closed or not. While all the schools were closed in Connecticut, University of New Haven which is my school was still opened. I was very depressed and then got ready for school. I was driving about 25 miles/hour on Rt 1, the road was awful, 4 lanes become 2. When I arrived to the classroom, the building was almost empty. The classroom door was locked, and the professor said "this class should have been cancelled", I know!! The class was supposed to started at 9:30am, ended at 11:30am, but most of the people came in very late, some of them didn't even show up. Around 11am, the school annouced that they were closing, no class in the afternoon and evening. I was a little mad, why didn't they just closed when everyone else did in the morning, instead of having the students drove all the way from home and had one class. So stupid. Then I had the afternoon off which I was trying to finish some homework at home. I didn't get to knit!! So sad.

14 February, 2007


太好了, 可以在這裡寫中文 !! 上個星期六在 ebay 買了一塊新手寫板, (舊的不能用了)是想和香港的朋手在 MSN 聊天的. 但是我發覺打英文比用手寫板輸入還快. haha...
不過用手寫板都好, 可以幫助我記得多些中文字. 我巳經忘記了許多字是怎樣寫.
唉, 短短幾句中文, 已經用了差不多十五分鐘去完成. 太差勁了!! 好, 明天再寫.

13 February, 2007

Help Needed

Tonight, I went back to Gateway to visit my Physics professor. I sent an email to him and asked for help on some Statics problems a week ago. He is a awesome teacher who made me understood lots of basic physic concept which has been very useful in my classes now. Now I am having physics problems, of course I go back to him :D He gave me some help on Statics and some solutions of my book. I am so glad and thankful for what he did to me. Since I am not a Gateway student any more, he didn't have to do more work for me. So it was very very generous of him.

I chatted with Becky couple days ago. she said she was going to cast on a pair of socks, and that made me want to knit a pair also. So, After I said goodbye to her, I casted on the Jaywalker Socks right away.

I have finished my Liesel Scarf. I have used 5 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby AIpaca Silk in Lavender and it's very very long :D I have blocked it and it looks much better now. I love it.

Finally, I have made some progress on crocheting the rice cooker cover. It's only made by single crochet, very simple, but hey, I am a beginner, and that is very difficult for me. (In the picture, there is my new Hello Kitty measuring tape)

09 February, 2007


I am so mad at myself. Last night, I went to SnB. I remembered to bring my girls some Intuitions, I remembered to bring Val some DVDs of 24. But I just only not remember to bring the scarf pattern to knit there. So, I had a bowl of soup and a glass of ice-tea there, and then headed home. Stupid me.

It's only the third week of this semester, but classes are already busy. Since I am in the new curriculum, I have to take a managment class. I guess it's good for my future, but I am not liking the class and that was why I didn't
pick Business for my major. *sign. Why do I have to take this class? On the other hand, I am having lots of fun in the Chinese class. On Thursday, some Chinese students came to our class to teach us sing a Chinese New Year song and chinese dancing.

I recently have been teaching myself how to crochet. It's not easy, but I am trying. So far, I have a project in mind that I want to make. I want to make a cover for my rice cooker. So, I need to know how to crochet a circle. And these are the products of my experiments.

As for knitting, I haven't done much since I have been busy in school. After I posted the finished Kyoto sweater here, my best friend Renee has placed her order on that. I am so happy that she likes it, because I know she would tell me the truth if she thinks the sweater is pretty. I talked to her on phone last night. I miss her so much. We are truly the best friends since we tell each other everything, I mean everything. I loved shopping with her, we would be so honest to each other if I didn't like the top she picked out, I would tell her directly. Or she would tell me the skirt I tried on was horrible. And I love that, that's how a real friendship should be, to be honest to each other. I don't think we even had a fight since she always has been very understanding and thoughtful. Sometimes she cared me more than her boyfriend. There are so many good things about her, I miss her very very much, miss playing mahjong with her, miss shopping with her, miss laughing with/at her...

05 February, 2007


If I say it in a nicer way, I like to share my good stuff with people. If I say it in a "truly" way, yes, I like to show off :D I am a honest person. I don't like to hide my feelings, unless it's "necessary". Some people would hate me, but some people would appreciate my honesty. Anyway, here we go...

I have finally finished the Kyoto sweater. The whole seaming process was the delaying factor. It's doesn't look to nice, but it's done and fit me!!

I finally shopped outside of AC Moore. There was a SuperBowl Sale at Yarn Garden and Yarn Barn yesterday. I finished all my homework, well, most of them, so that I could sneak out for couple hours yarn shopping. I only got sock yarns at Yarn Garden which had 41% off of all yarn. So these are what I got. I didn't get anything in Yarn Barn because there so like 40 people waiting in line to the register, and the store was ridiculously packed, with people of course. Plus, not much nice yarn were on sale... very disappointing. So I got 3 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill's
superwash merino fingering weight in (from the left) sugar maple, spainsh moss, and spring frost, and a ball of scheepjes? I don't know what language it is... 75% of virgin wool and 25% of nylon. So 4 pairs of socks, they will keep me busy for long time.

After yarn shopping, Andrew and I went fish shopping. Since we have been rearranging the living room, we thought we might get away of the fish tank. But we still had 2 fish left, which we don't want to just "kill" them. So we bought a small fish tank for them. And then after we moved some furniture, we found out the big fish tank actually wasn't really too big for the living room. So we kept it. We bought 8 more fish for the big fish tank and 3 gold fish for the small tank. So who is the happiest now? Sticky of course.
small fish tank

big fish tank

Lastly, I need to show "this", because, as for studying, I never did good when I was in HK. I am not smart, but "this" can show how hard I have been studying. I am happy that I do well in studying now. It may be the last time I have "it", that's why I have to show "it" to everyone.

02 February, 2007

My professors are killing me!!

I remember I did very bad at one of the high level Math class in HK. One of the reasons was I didn't study hard enough. Another reason was I had a horrible teacher(Chui sir). He didn't know how to teach. this is how he taught: He would read a math example from the text book. I mean he really was reading words to words... x+3 = 2x, so 2x-x = 3, then x = 3. Then we, the students, would ask, why 2x-x? Then he would say, because x+3 = 2x, and then 2x-x = 3, therefore, x = 3. If we still didn't understand, he, honestly, would just read it over again. And that's why I always blamed him that I failed the class. As I thought I had escaped from him, I am having another professor who does the same thing now. OH MY GOSH!! Another book reader!! I don't want to fail this class!! He is killing me.

There is another one who is killing me. Couple semesters ago when I had Chemistry at Gateway. That Chemistry professor used his math expression wrong. If we needed to find the answer of 100 plus 50 divided by 50, he would write the following equation in "one" line on the board:
100+50 = 150/50 = 3
What's wrong with that? Yes, the answer is 3. You may hate me, but as a "math" person, that expression is not correct. It can't be writen in one line. To me, the above equation means, 100+50 = 3. So I was bold enough to tell him that he was wrong. After that, I thought it was over, but nooooo. In one of my classes this semester. Another professor does the same thing again!! And surprisingly, he was major in Chemistry too!!!!!! This time, I think I am not going to say anything to him, I am just letting it be. But it bothers me really bad.

As for knitting, I keep pushing the Kyoto sweater off since I really don't like seaming. It's collar is still not attached yet. May be next week, I will finish it. On the other hand, I am having a little progress on my Liesel scarf. It doesn't look so good now, but my friends in SnB told me once it's blocked, it will be pretty.

I am sorry that I said I think I am fat. Since the last post, lots of people told me I am crazy because I said that. But I bet most of my HK's friends won't argue with me about that. It's just different cultures. Anyway, I shouldn't say "I think I am fat", I should say" I want to be thinner". It is just a personal feeling.