30 June, 2007

Ready to go? Nooooo!

Andrew and I are planning to leave tomorrow for our Fargo trip. However, it's now 1:30am, I am still packing, well not at this moment. Andrew worked full day today, went to get a hair cut after work. After he got home, we went to do a travelling-shopping to get some traveling size shampoo, toothpaste, and stuff. Then we went to Barns and Noble, and we were there for qutie a while. Then we had dinner at Cheng's Buffet, I just wanted chinese food for some reason, and of course I was too lazy to cook tonight. Oh well, it was 10pm when we got home. And that is why Andrew is tired now. May be we will leave her around 1 or 2 pm.

While I was looking for some jewerly to wear in Jasmine's wedding, I found this...

I just missed my tiara. Too bad I only got to wear it once in my wedding. So when I saw it today, I couldn't resist to put it on my head right away. When Andrew came home tonight and saw me, he was like, "Are you ok?" haha...

Today, I got the cd that I ordered last week right in time, so that I can listen to it during the trip.

The first clue of the MS3 was released today. I have printed out the charts, and knitted a couple of rows. But it just didn't look quite right to me, so I frogged it. And then I didn't have a chance to knit again tonight :( I have decided to bring couple projects with me to Fargo, I doubt I will have much time to knit, but I won't want to miss a chance. On the way back from Fargo, we are trying to stopped by my in-laws' house and we will get to see Becky, my sister-in-law, since she is visit her parents at that time. When I first knew that we are going to see Becky, the first thing I thought of was what knitting projects I should bring with me, so that I can show Becky when we are on the way back home. I am so silly. Well, I can also show those projects to my mom too since she has only seen couple of my earliest scarves and hats I knitted before. I want to "wow" her when she sees what I have been knitting lately. :D

Alright, it's almost 2am, what should I do? Go back to pack some more? Or should I go to bed?

I will try to keep posting during the trip and tell when I am later.

27 June, 2007


I usually don't swatch, really, I don't. But because I am not familiar with lace, I did 3 swatches for the stole. I have shown 2 of their pictures on the last post. Here is the last one. I used KP Options size 2 with beads.

from left, size 4 needles, size 3, and size 2 with beads

Ok, couple days after I blocked the swatches, they looked like they are in the right size order. But still, I don't know which one is better... I am bring them with me to SnB tomorrow and see if the ladies can help me out with that. HELPPPPP!!!

If Becky still hasn't received her yarn for her stole yet, I am making her jealous again haha:D

I just realized something. The first clue is going to be released tomorrow, but I will start driving to Fargo on Saturday morning, and I won't be back in 2 weeks... that means after the trip, I have to catch up 3 clues of MS3... I am a bit worried now.

25 June, 2007

MS3 swatches

I did couple swatches for MS3. I have used Knitpicks Options size 3 and 4 on each swatch. I think it's the matter of how I blocked them, the size 3's swatch is bigger than the size 4's. I guess I need to learn how to block in a proper way. So knitters, how do I block the objects? Which one or what size of needles should I use for the stole? Suggestions please?!

I recevied the beads from Earthfaire.com today. It's called Amethyst Lined Crystal AB 8/0. I also got some free bead samples from the vendor...

Copy Jenn's idea

These are the beads I am going to use for MS3. I have already done a swatch with these beads, but it's on my blocking board now, I will show the pict
ures of it later.

Since I was so excited that I got the beads tonight, I asked Andrew to drive me to A.C. Moore to get a hook for the beads before dinner. It's so tiny...

comparing to a piece of rice

Then we went to Chick's by the water and ordered some seafood to go... yummmm. There were so much food, I don't think I can finish the whole plate for
2 more meals.

Ok, enough pictures for tonight.

24 June, 2007


I got my yarn for my MS3 yesterday. I ordered it from Knitpicks. It's Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather color. I am actually surprised or should I say a bit disappointed when I first saw the yarn. I expected the color would be lighter. Oh well, I can't change anything now, except... ordering another yarn... But then what am I going to do with these yarn if I ordered another kind?

In order to do my swatch, I need to wind the yarn. So I had the swift and the winder set up, sat down, and started winding. Oh my gosh, it took forever, it seems like more than 10 mins to wind a ball of Alpaca Cloud. My arm was a bit sore after 440 yarns of yarn winding. However, while everything was set up, I might wind another ball of yarn as well hehe... So, here is it, a ball of Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock in Sugar Maple. Why did I wind sock yarn? Becuase of the Monkey. I know I know, I should start another project, I just winded the yarn, I may not have to cast it on, right? *evil smile...

By the way, I saw Val and her hubby at Texas Roadhouse last night. Andrew and I went there with Carolina, Ken and their one year old son Kevin. I love that place, we always go there, that is why we are broke. Anyway, we all had fun, since we are all dorky people, all in ME, we get along well. Looking forward to the next time.

20 June, 2007


Since I didn't take any summer classes, besides work, I spend most of my time on knitting. To me, the progress of the Oversized Lace Top is going pretty fast. I love the pattern, I wish I could finish the top tomorrow so that I could wear it... of course it's only a dream.

After reading couple blogs of the SnBers, I found out about the Mystery Stole 3. I have joined last weekend, plus I also asked Becky, my sister-in-law, to join with me, so even we are far way from each other, we could knit the same thing, neat!! I am a bit nervous about this project. It will be my first lace stole, and first "beads involved" project. Also, I am afraid that I can't keep up with the others. My yarn and beads are on the way to my house, I can't wait to do the swatches!! I think it will be fun.

Besides knitting, I have picked up cooking again too. Last week, I bought a bag of green peppers from Sam's Clubs, you know how BIG that bag is from Sam's. There were 6 big peppers in the bag. I used 2 of them to make Black Bean Chicken last week. I still had 4 left on Monday, I was worried that they wouldn't last very long. So I went to allrecipes.com to find a recipe that I could use all of my peppers. Yesterday, I have cooked my first Stuffed pepper. And they were surprisingly good.

I have done something stupid today. This morning when I got up, I had a very heavy headache and a bad neck pain. I took an Advil and told myself I was fine, then I went to work. When I was driving to work, I felt like I was acting slow. I almost had an accident because the car in front of me was stopping and I didn't know. I worked for an hour and I have decided to leave since I knew my brain was not functioning. It's stupid because I shouldn't even have gone to work in the morning... After I got home, I lied down on bed, and passed out for 4 hours... I feel much better now, if you are concerned.

16 June, 2007

Lots of white...

As I said before, once the gift #2 has been received, I would post the picture. And here it is...
I have knitted a shawl for my cousin to wear on her wedding (07/07/07). It's called Clementine Shawlette from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 issue. The yarn which I used was Blue Sky Alpacas, Alpaca Silk. I love this yarn, it's so soft, and nice to knit with, althought I do need to wash my hands everytime before I knit with it(since it's white). This is my first time to knit a chart pattern, since I think the pattern itself is quite easy, so the chart was not difficult to follow. I only hope my cousin would like it and crossing my fingers that she will wear it.

After finishing the shawl, I have started an other project, of course. I have been working on the Oversized Lace Top from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 issue. This pattern called for the same yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas, which I wouldn't complain since I am so in love with this yarn. This is what I have been knitting so far...

It doesn't look so pretty now. I hope it will look much better after I block it. I have been knitting lots of white, may be I should knit with something else more, or finishing up some other projects instead 0f new ones. However, how could I resist to not touching the new yarns I bought from Webs? oh well, we will see...

11 June, 2007

Shedir hat is finished...

When I started the project, I was worried about the hat may be too small. The yarn was Rowan Calmer, it is supposed to be a worsted yarn, and the pattern asked to use size #3 needles, it was so weird. And then when I was toward finishing the hat, I was very worried about I didn't have enough yarn. I was actually very close to run out of yarn. But it is finished, and I love it... I did learn how to cable without cable needles during this project. yay!! ( I appologize that I am going to show lots of pictures of the hat since I think there are so many details within the hat...)

I didn't go to SnB last week, because I was tired out from work. I can't say much of what I am doing at work. Basically, I work in a lab and do some tests that require me to wet my hands every 15 mins. So I now my hands are all dry and itchy... then I have to use lots of lotion for my hands. If I don't want my knitting projects covered by lotion, which mean, I can't knit for a while. That was why I didn't go to SnB, and I was a bit mad and upset about it...

Talking about work, I couldn't believe what I have to wear to work in a lab... This is how I dress when I go to work now... which I think it's a bit too much... I guess I could wear jeans and stuff, but when everyone in the lab is wearing something like this, I can't be the only one wearing jeans, or can I?

After asking some of the SnBers opinions, I finally got a swift. I bought it from Joann.com by using a 50% off coupon. No shipping, only tax, I paid an awesome price. And Sticky likes it very much too when I used it. Thanks to Valerie, Jenn, and Heidi's suggestions.

Last but not least, I got a present from Mom H. She got it for me from Rome. Thank you so much mom, I loooooooove it... It will totally look good in my car.

05 June, 2007

Started working

I started working at Schick on Monday. It's an ok job, but I could earn some extra money, not complaining.

I didn't do much lately. During the weekend, Andrew cleaned up the house a bit, I did some laundry and cooking. Monday day night, we started watching 24 again. We both know that once we have started, we can't stop, and we have watched 3 episodes in a roll on Monday. Since Andrew went finishing and came home late last night, we could only watch 1 episode. And we are planning on watching more tonight. I can't wait... I remember some SnBers said they can't knit when they are watching "Lost" because they can't miss one second of it. I feel the same say as I am watching 24. Usually when I watched Survivors, I would have my project ready before I started. But now, I won't even consider taking out the needles right before watching 24. I think I am addicted, well not just now, but since season 1 I guess.

Since I have been watching lots of TV, I didn't get much knitting done. I finished the Gift #2. Will post pictures of it later once the person got my gift. And I have been working on my Shedir hat (Still don't know how to pronouce it). I have just started the decreasing, hopefully I can finished in time, so that I can wear it in the winter... :D