24 February, 2009

Should I give it up?

This yarn, this scarf, I liked them very much when I first started. However, after I saw the colorway changed so suddenly, I have had a second thought. It looks so weird... just doesn't look right. So, I think I am giving it up, the scarf, the yarn...

More B&W pictures from my FM2, please click and enlarge them to see the cool effects...

15 February, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andrew told me to one of my favorite restaurants in North Haven, Red Lobster! I really appreciated that he put in some effort to found another route to go there, made me think he was lost or something... Then we went to watch By Bloody Valentine. It was totally my kind of movie, very bloody, however, I was a bit disappointed that it was not so scary. Thanks for the great day honey!

I made Chicken Lasagna and Bake Onions tonight. I finally found a recipe that doesn't need ricotta cheese, and some other cheeses that Andrew doesn't eat. It's pretty good, I like it a lot (which pasta I don't like?)

I saw this pretty view while I was leaving work last Friday, s
o I took a picture to share with you...

Last picture was taken by Andrew. He took a picture of my taking pictures for the photography assignment :D

10 February, 2009

Camera Mittens

They are finally done. I used Noro Kochoran for them and totally love how the yarn feels on my skin, very soft. I also love the color way of it. Also I have frogged so many time while knitting the thumbs, I still think they are too long... I worn the mittens to shoot some pictures tonight, and they worked really well!

Super Bowl sale... I know, it's a bit late to blog about it, but hey, who doesn't want to see more yarn, right? The 2 balls of fixation in the pictures were what I got from a yarn swap at Peaceful Knitter's superbowl party. It was an awesome day, and I laughed and ate alot!!!

After I got home, Andrew and I watched a bit of superbowl. We knew that there was some 3-D thingy right before the half time show, so we were ready...

I have been taking pictures with my dad's "old school" camera, trying to get to use it for the photography class. I am very very super excited that I will get to use the dark room late on, however, I need to overcome m
y fear of total darkness... good luck to me!!!