17 March, 2008

Spring Break Babie!!!

Finally, I can get a break! I should have more time to blog.

Friday night, I tried very hard to finish my parts of the lab report so that I could send them to my partner who could finish the whole report. Then the next day, I went to my friend's son's 2 year old birthday party. He had a Shrek theme party, so I got some tatoos on my hands, I loved it until couple mins before I had a meeting with my boss. Of course he made fun of me...

Sunday? I did laundry... as my friends said, I was climbing up the Mount Washmore... Usually my lovely DH could do that for me if I am busy... well the week before spring break, I was crazily busy, but since he has hurt his ankle, he couldn't help me at all. So, Mt Washmore was developed.

What else is exciting? Of coure I get a chance to knit all day long. I have been knitting a top called
Sunshine Top. The pattern so far is qutie simple, hopefully I can finish it this weekend. This morning I drove Andrew to the physical therapist. While I was waiting for him, of course I took out my Sunshine to knit. I have just started the sleeve. After an hour of knitting, I found that I made a mistake at the very begining of the sleeve. MANNNNN. So I wasted an hour of work, blah!


KnelleyBelley said...

Nice tattoos!

Your sweater is looking really good. Don't you hate catching mistakes? Ugh.

costumechick said...

better after only an hour than after two!
ps. I hate Mt. Washmore. I try to avoid the trip as much as possible.

Octopus Knits said...

Hee, hee! I like the tattoos, too : )

I hope Andrew's ankle improves quickly. You don't want Mount Washmore to overtake you again ; )

Your Sunshine Top is looking great - at least you found your mistake before too long.