10 April, 2008

Sweet or Gross?

Monday, I had a very bad day. Something happened in the morning, made me pretty upset. Around lunch time, Andrew told me that the external hard drive couldn't be recovered (we sent it out to a recovery company, and they told us it couldn't be fixed), which meant I have lost all the pictures!!! If you know me well, you know I like to take pictures, and they are very very important to me. In the afternoon, we found out that we can't rent the house out yet because there is a little problem... All these bad news came in one day, it's way too much for me when I also had to study for 2 tests on Tuesday.

What happened to those two tests on Tuesday? of course I didn't do so well.

For knitting, I have finished couple projects...

1) Hannah hat

2) Smock-a-Ruche scarf, I used the leftover yarn from the Cable-down sweater. I think it's a bit too short for me, but I love the pattern.

And I have been knitting the Rusted Root...

At last, I want to show you something gross but sweet. Lose hair in the bath tub, gross? Tonight when I walked in to the shower, I saw this...

It's one of my hair that got stuck on the shower wall. Kind of gross, but it put a big smile on my face. I always get mad at Andrew that he is very slow in the morning, always takes long showers... but... I think I would be still mad if he keep doing it... hahaha


jennsquared said...

I think that's sweet, but I also would be mad too because if that's the reason David is taking so long :)

Rusted Root is coming along quite nicely!!! And I like the other two projects too!

acambras said...

LOL -- I guess it would have been worse if he'd arranged all your toenail clippings into a smiley face, right?

KnelleyBelley said...

Sweet! Now get out of the shower!

Your smock-a-ruche is so pretty. I'm knitting one now, but it's a boring color. I want to dye it when it's done so it looks nice like yours.

Love the hat and the sweater. You amaze me!

Octopus Knits said...

Sweet! (but what are you doing with a camera in the shower?? (just kidding!))

I'm so sorry about all your pictures.... I would be devastated if I lost mine, too.

The hat is cute, and I love your Smock-a-Ruche scarf - so pretty! Rusted Root is coming along nicely.