06 August, 2008

The end of the summer break

It's very depressing that the summer is almost ended, and school will start soon. But before school starts, DH and I are going to have a nice vacation, because it's our 5th anniversary (on the 23rd). YAY!

What I have been knitting? Still the Minimalist Cardigan. I am on the front panels now...
We have a pet in our back yard. It's always there!!! Last Sunday, I attended my friend Jennsquared's bridal shower. It was my very first. I was so much fun. As a good of knitters, of course we have brought our projects and worked on them while whenever our mouths were not doing anything, I mean eating or laughing. I really had a good time!!!

And some of my new pictures... Please click to enlarge the pictures


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, anphoe!

I had a good time at Jenn's shower too!

KnelleyBelley said...

Shhhh. Don't talk about school.

Enjoy your vacation and takes lots more beautiful pictures.