21 September, 2008

Weekend at a garden

Andrew and I met up my cousin and his fiancee at Chinatown in NY for dim sum for lunch, and then we went to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for some photo-taking.

Of course I was too excited at the dim sum restaurant, and I was too hungry, I forgot the to take pictures of our food. It was good. I missed dim sum.

Then we took subway to go to the Gardens. Got off the subway, had a not-so-short walk to the garden, I was thinking, this Gardens better worth for all the walking. we were there for 3 hours, and it's worth it. Although it's not the season for most of the flower to bloom, but the Gardens is still beautiful. More pictures, click here.

Then 4 of us went back to Chinatown for dinner. It's a restaurant called Singapore Cafe. Food was awesome and reasonable. highly recommended!

Indian pancake

oyster pancake

Everything was tasty!!!

Japanese Style green tea cheesecake.

Portuguese custard tart.

Then Andrew showed me this video this morning, funny!

and then I found this video afterward, funnier!!!


CinderOla said...

I love the Botanical Gardens! Best time to go is in April when they have the Cherry Blossom festival. Everything is covered in pink and it's beautiful!

Jasmine said...

I wish I could have been there! Looked fun.

You should check out this video:

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. You should be a photographer. I love the one where it looks like the bush is coming out of Andrew's head! Your food pics are always fun, too.

Thank you SO much for showing that video. My boy and I laughed so hard we cried. Our cat does that kind of thing, but not as smoothly as that Ninja cat!