31 August, 2008

Cont. of Cancun Trip

Actually, something happened the night before we left for Cancun. While we were packing, we got a visitor. We found our cats all ran upstairs, and their fur and tails were all puffy. So, Andrew knew that there must be some animal outside the house which scared the cats.

And then we saw a dog at our deck. It has a tag attached to his collar. His name was Sammi, and the last name of the owner sounded like our neighbor, so we gave the neighbor a called, but no one home. Since it was thundering, Sammi was scared and shaking, so we took him to the our garage to wait and see his owner would come look for him. After a while, we didn't see anyone, so, Andrew took Sammi to our neighbor, but the neighbor wasn't home. Andrew saw Sammi's bed and food was outside the house, so he tired to leave Sammi there and come home, but Sammi followed Andrew. They came back, Sammi wanted to go in to house whenever he had a chance, but we didn't let him. Finally, the owner called, we dropped Sammi off back to its house. Then we came home and started packing. But Sammi was so cute and nice, we liked it a lot! We will remember you, Sammi!!!

I promised I would post more pictures, but I do have a lots of them. So, here are the links to see them all.

Cancun Trip (Nikon)

Cancun Trip (Canon)

20 August, 2008

Hi from Cancun

Internet is not free here, sucks! But, HI!!!

14 August, 2008

Nothing special has been going on lately, that's why I haven't blogged for a while.

The Saturday before last Saturday, Andrew and I went go carting. I had lots of fun, but I crashed the cart really bad! So, after that, all these days, my chest still hurts!

I went to one of my friends' house on last Saturday for a cookout. So much fun. I even had my first "real" Pina Colada, it was realllllly good, here is a prove!

06 August, 2008

The end of the summer break

It's very depressing that the summer is almost ended, and school will start soon. But before school starts, DH and I are going to have a nice vacation, because it's our 5th anniversary (on the 23rd). YAY!

What I have been knitting? Still the Minimalist Cardigan. I am on the front panels now...
We have a pet in our back yard. It's always there!!! Last Sunday, I attended my friend Jennsquared's bridal shower. It was my very first. I was so much fun. As a good of knitters, of course we have brought our projects and worked on them while whenever our mouths were not doing anything, I mean eating or laughing. I really had a good time!!!

And some of my new pictures... Please click to enlarge the pictures