30 November, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

I didn't go out, I went on Amazon.com... And Merry super-early Christmas to me!!! I got myself a Christmas gift ALREADY! Andrew mentioned to buy me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas.. I was like, oh, that's a great idea! Then I found it at amazon's the Black Friday sale. I was like GREAT! I ordered it at 1-ish pm on Friday. Then I got an email around 4:30pm on Saturday saying that it was delivered(I was still at New York)... I was shocked! I wasn't home yet, I didn't get home until 9:30pm at night. Then once I got home, I saw it right outside the garage...

I don't know why it had a lab saying the package contains alcohol which it doesn't. Also, it says "Adult signature required, Check ID..." No one has signed it when it was delivered... did Fedex do their job right and follow the delivery instructions? It was just funny! And how it's sitting beautifully on my kitchen counter :D What should I make next?

Did you change your gmail template? I did, it's so cuteeee!

19 November, 2008

New Knitting project(s)

Finally, it's cold enough for me to knit at home now. Or I tend to knit more when I am all stressed out.

Anyway, I got couple new projects. The first one(s) is(are) a gift (gifts). So, can't post it here. But this is another one. It's a neck-warmer called Flared Lace Smoke ring . I am using Rowan Kidsilk Night for this project, I think it's coming along pretty good. The silver grey color lace pattern will look great on top of my black hair...

I am also working on a scarf too, but I didn't take any picture of it yet, so I can't so you how beautiful it is. LOL. I also want to show you some silly things that I have been doing...

I went to a great sushi place with J last Friday. It is like a buffet type of restaurant. You pay one price, and then order whatever you want in the menu, and as many times and much as you want, as long as you don't waste their food... It was pretty worth it, since we did order lots of sashimi, raw salmon, yummmmm

Then Saturday, I went and got a hair cut. ( I guess that's not silly, but my picture is)

Remember when you were a kid, you always put a laundry bucket over your head and pretended you were a robot? No? me either. Someone told me it's fun, because he/she used to do that a lot. Then he/she asked me to try it...

Also I forgot to post a very significant picture of me.... I voted!!! November 4th, my first presidential vote!!!

09 November, 2008

Minimalist #2

Finally, it's finished!!!

I had never knitted with black yarn before. I thought the black yarn wouldn't show the pattern at all. Since C requested the Minimalist in Black, so tried. And it turned out beautiful (at least I think it is) surprisingly. I am glad the pattern shows nicely. Now I only hope she will like it. I was funny that I didn't realize I was wearing mine while I seamed the black one...