13 June, 2009


I feel really blah lately. No class, no home work... thought I would have more time to do stuff, more knitting or cooking. Well, it goes the other way, I have been very slacking... Who knows why? I don't.

Andrew took me to a drive in movie theater in Mansfield CT. It was my first time going to a drive in, very interesting experience. $9/person for 2 movies, not bad at all.

At work, DH and someone else has started "Orange Shirt Friday". Since there are some new co-0ps and interns, I told them about it, and they joined us! How cool is that?

Last week, DH bought me some covers for the Wiimote. Cute!!!


Anonymous said...

You're not slacking. You're just so used to being busy with class and homework to focus on fun stuff (like knitting and cooking) that it seems like you're slacking.

Believe me, Anphoe. I've experience that myself. The feeling will pass.

I love your new Wiimote covers. So cute!

BeccaH said...

Enjoy your free time :) Do something or nothing, it's all good! Love those Wii-mote covers!

Baby Beth said...

I need a Wii for if for those covers and Beatles rockband alone! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! Those Wii-mote covers are so cool! :) So cute.

I was in San Francisco Chinatown and there are so many stores of just hello kitty! I mean the entire store was full of hello kitty stuff! It was insane!