25 July, 2009

Family Visiting

During the July 4th weekend, DH and I went to visit his parents. My SIL and her family has came back to visit from Texas. We had a great time, especially "hanging out" with my niece and nephew. They were soooo cute! I couldn't believe how fast they have grown.

After that my family has decided to come visit us in CT while on the way back from DC. They drove all the way down to DC to change my dad's Hong Kong passboard. They arrived on Wednesday night and left on Sunday morning. We went to have Taiwanese food, sushi, Rich's Farm ice cream, bbq at home, and go karting. It was such a short visit, but I was just glad to see my family.

As far as knitting, I have been doing it still... LOL.
I have finished a baby dress, and a baby blanket for Renee, and a pair of Blackrose socks for myself.

Now I am onto a top called Josephine.

I also has joined a sweater KAL from our SnB group. It starts on Aug 1st, and ends at Oct 31st. You can knit any sweater you want, and I think I am going to make Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-d-Loop.


Anonymous said...

So nice that you've been able to spend time with family. You've done tons of beautiful knitting, too!

Hope to see you soon. It's been too long!

WifeMomKnitter said...

I'm so glad you got to see your family (both DH and yours).

All your knitting is beautiful (as always!).

Lonna said...

Love your new projects! It was so nice to have you all here...only wish we could have seen your family again. Too long between visits!
Mom H

BeccaH said...

You've been busy! Looks like you are having a really nice summer - and I think that sweater for the KAL will look great on yoU!