27 September, 2009

Hey, I am still alive!

I don't know where the time go, I have been busy here and there. So, news, I got a new job! Yay! I will start tomorrow. Hopefully I will do well. Thanks to everyone, my family, co-workers, and knitting buddies who have 110% supported me and helped me making the decisions. I feel I am very lucky to have nice family and friends who love me so very much! They are always there to for me when I need them!!!

This summer, I have done couple of my "first thing". I went to my first Greek Festival and ate lots of greek food. I went to my first fair in Orange, had my first fried dough and funnel cake there, and saw a pig race (Of course I bought some yarn there too, hehe). And I went to my very first football game at Yale. They were fun! I really had a great time in this summer. Oh, Andrew went to Boundary Water to hike for a week, and that was the longest time I haven't talked to him ever since we met. So, beside that, it was great!

I also had lots of awesome food this summer. Lots of bake goodies, sushi, greek food, fair food, and seafood. As you all know, food has been a big part of my life ;)

As far as knitting, I have done some, but not as much as I love to. I made couple baby items for one of my friends. I am still working on a summer top(I know, maybe I can wear it next summer lol), and the pullover for the Sweater KAL. I will keep up with it!


BeccaH said...

Yay Phoebe!! Congrats on your new job - wish you all the best!! Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Phoebe!

You do wonderfully at your new job.

Your posts always make me hungry. That food looks amazing!