13 June, 2009


I feel really blah lately. No class, no home work... thought I would have more time to do stuff, more knitting or cooking. Well, it goes the other way, I have been very slacking... Who knows why? I don't.

Andrew took me to a drive in movie theater in Mansfield CT. It was my first time going to a drive in, very interesting experience. $9/person for 2 movies, not bad at all.

At work, DH and someone else has started "Orange Shirt Friday". Since there are some new co-0ps and interns, I told them about it, and they joined us! How cool is that?

Last week, DH bought me some covers for the Wiimote. Cute!!!

05 June, 2009

I got tiffanied!

I finally have time to write a new post.

I graduated!!! I have not been very excited for some reason. I guess it's because I haven't found a job yet, still working at the same place, so it seems like I am still in school minus the homework and study.

I was not planning to go to the graduation commencement. Then my parents thought they were going to come over for it, so they convinced me to go. But, because my dad's health, they couldn't make it. Although it was disappointing, his health was more important. Once he gets better, they will come visit us again. Even my family didn't come, I still had a great time because my inlaws and 2 of my best SnBers were there to support me!!! (of course my DH also) Really appreciated they attending. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I got some gifts from them too. My "bitches" gave me yarn! (They know me well!!!) And my DH tiffianied me for the very first time. When we were having lunch at StoneBridge in Milford. DH surprised me with a little blue box. He put the box next to me while I was having soup. But I didn't realize the box was there until I finished the soup. Duh... I love it. Thanks Honey!!!

I did finish the Garden Party Shawl on time for my graduation. I did make one mistake somewhere, but I am not going to tell you where it is because you won't notice. Well the truth is, I don't even know where it was because when I was picking up stitches to do the short row for the border, I was one stitch short somewhere somehow... I was trying to fix it, but when I found that out, I was already half way through the border. Since I didn't want to rip the border, I just ignored it. lol

The day after commencement, we went to visit my inlaws. They had a picnic for Memorial Day and my graduation. They were so sweet to do that for me. Grammy got me a cake too! I was surprised!!! :D

I had my school buddies came over for a BBQ/Rock Band party. We had a blast.

Nothing exciting is happening in my life right now, except I am back to SnB. Woohooo!!!