15 May, 2011

First Mother's Day

I was pretty sure that my hubby wouldn't remember that we might need to celebrate the Mother's Day this year since I am a mother now. But, He surprised me! WITH THESE...

It's funny because he sent the packages to our old address. He signed up an account and bought me a gift for my graduation, when we were still living in the previous address. So this time, when he bought the gifts, he changed the billing address and forgot the shipping address. So, it was automatic shipped to the address which was saved in the account. On Saturday, we went out to watch my friend, Matt's, concert in Danbury. On the way there, he got an email saying that the gift packages had been delivered. So he asked me to call my mom to go get them in front of the garage. But my mom said she couldn't find them. Then he asked me to ask my mom to check two more times, so I knew they could be something very special. Of course he found out the mailing address was wrong once we got home and he logged on to his account. Drove to the old house, and of course there was no one there, so he left a notice, and hoped that the house owners didn't return the packages to UPS. After worrying the whole night, the old house owner called and said the packages are their, and asked us to pick them up. And there they were, in my hands, and made my First Mother's Day! 

During the winter,  the liner of the pond cracked and leaked out most of the water. Therefore, our fish didn't survive :( After hubby fixed the pond, we couldn't wait and went to get more fish this year on Mother's Day. We took Little V with us this time. It was a beautiful day, warm weather, Little V could finally put on a short sleeves shirt and shorts and being outside!!! We bought some fish and had a great time!!!


Anonymous said...

So...what's in the boxes, girlfriend?

Inquiring minds want to know.

anphoe said...

They are couple of pendants :)