16 January, 2009

Being SUPER Lazy

I have knitted quite a lot lately. I "almost" finish the Gathered Pullover. The seaming part was dragging the progress of the project. Now the shoulders are seamed, and the sleeves are attached to the body, next step is to knit the neck band. However, I am not sure if I am going to finished it. I tried it on, it fits a bit tiny, and it's itching me, very much! The alpaca yarn is very soft, but I didn't know it's itchy! If the sweater is fitting my body so well, that I it won't fit me if I wear something underneath. OH what should I do? Finish it and give it to someone else? But I do like the sweater... Knitters, any suggestions?

I have finished the Zokni socks. I am not sure what went wrong, maybe the color of the yarn, maybe the needle size that I used, they just don't look quite right for some reason.

Now I am onto a new project, Hanami! I have been wanting to knit this for a while. It was the knit-the-bead-cast on worried me, made me haven't started this project. But, once I started, it's not as difficult as I thought. It's my second day of Hanami Fest, I am already in the second repeat of the basket weave chart, very easy knit, and I am loving it!

Last week, I have cooked a bit. I have made Chicken Milano. It has a sun-dried tomato and basil sauce. Pretty good, Andrew surprisingly liked it. Then I tried this Stir-Fry Green Bean recipe, holy cow, it's a must-cook! (I didn't have sesame seeds, but I used sesame oil instead, yum!)

We have been having some snow/ice storms for the last couple of weeks. One night after it snowed for couple hours, Andrew went out and "shoveled" me a message. So sweet!


CinderOla said...

Aww, that is so sweet!! :)
I like the socks, I don't think there's anything wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a keeper!

I think the gathered pullover looks wonderful on you! It fits you so well! Itchy? Maybe if you slathered yourself with lots of lotion and wore a camisole underneath? Or a super-fitted t-shirt? It's too pretty for you not to keep it.

Cindy said...

I think your socks look great!

May said...

awww... so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I think the sweater will look perfect on ME! ;) Heehee.

Andrew is so sweet.

And the dishes look awesome. I'm hungry.