10 January, 2009

Enjoying my break

I have been enjoying my break by doing pretty much nothing. There is no work pressure, no homework. I just go to work, come home, cook or not cook, and then watch TV. Very simple but enjoyable.

Last week, Some of my SnB friends came over for the SnB + Rock Band Party. We had potluck for dinner, everything was so delicious. Since Knelley and Jennsquared had their birthdays couple weeks ago, we surprised them by giving them gifts right after dessert. Then everyone rocked when playing the video games. I believed we had lots of fun that night.

During holidays season, I have been "jingled" at work 3 times this year. What is "jingle"? At work, the health services had created the event like secret santa. This secret santa got a "You have been Jingled" note from the health services, then he/she would leave the gift and the note on the person's desk that whose he/she wanted to jingled without that person knowing. This year I got chocolates in a mug from Liz (not in the picture), some fancy tea from Jules, and some hello kitty pens and a small notebook (still don't know whom they are from).

Jennsquared got me a Hello Kitty Calendar. The cutest thing and I LOVE IT! Guess who knows me well?

I also got some Japanese cookies from Yin who just came back from Japan for his ping pong training. This kid was a co-op at Schick. He was so sweet, he asked if I wanted anything from Japan the last day he was there. I said, there is one kind of cookies that I really really like from Japan, I showed him the link, he bought me the cookie before the left Japan. Couple days later, I found these cookies in my mail box.

The coolest thing I got this year is from my friend Sean. He gave me a gift certificate to The Yarn Barn. Why is it cool if it's only a gift certificate? Because he handmade it! He bought the code from the Yarn Barn, then used his industrial design talent plus couple paper cards to created this pretty gift certificate. I really appreciated his thoughtfulness.

Lastly, I just want to show you couple pictures...(especially thank to DH for winding the yarn and modeling)


Anonymous said...

Sean is so awesome! Very sweet of him. Did he finish the scarf? Now I want to know!!!

CinderOla said...

Hey, I have that same calendar!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a nifty giftcard! What a goodie he is.

geekwannabe said...

wow....gd for u sis....there ar a lot of pics and u wrote a lot too....split it....reading them once would take me longer time....help....