16 April, 2009

Happy Easter

It has been a while that I haven't posted. I have been extremely busy lately.

Last weekend, hubby and I went back home to NY to spend Easter with his parents. My MIL never forgets my love for Hello Kitty, I had a surprise when I went into our bedroom.

She got me a HK Easter basket with a cute/short HK story book.

We did have a good weekend over at my in law's house. We visited a power plant in Athens, NY. It was an amazing tour. I heard the Phoebe bird calling my names for the very first time. I saw the "making-of" maple syrup also for the first time. I have been married into the Hitchcock family for more than 5 years, but I had never seen the boiling process until now, very interesting. I can tell you now that the fresh hot/warm maple syrup is the best! So yummmy! I had to fight with Andrew for the last spoon of it! (actually not true, because he let me have it.) If anyone wants to order some from my PIL, let me know ;)

The whole weekend was relaxing, mostly because I didn't have to cook, didn't have to clean, no homework; only knitted, tv and ate! Just like when I went back to Fargo, being someone's daugther is always easier and more comfortable than being someone's wife, LOL!


Anonymous said...

whoa! New Format!!! LOVE IT!

I didn't know your PIL makes maple syrups!!!! YUM!

Anonymous said...

The Hello Kitty basket is so sweet! Your mother-in-law must love you lots! (You're easy to love.)

Seeing the maple syrup process must be really cool. Glad you got to hear the bird. I've never heard it!

Blanche said...

i really want to order the maple syrup, but..........how can u give me???