01 January, 2010

Happy New 2010!!!

I didn't realize how long I haven't been updating my blog. Since lots of things have happened since September, it's going to be long process to try to catch up...

I got a new job in Danbury as an design/process engineer. The company is pretty small compared to Schick, but everyone has been nice to me. And since the company is small, it's like a family. All the Marias like to bake (there are 4 of them), so one of them always bake birthday cakes for us. It is quite a commute, about 45mins each way, but I am getting used to it. So far, I like my job! That's everyone in the company in the picture below.

As I promised myself, once I got a real job, I would treat myself a Coach bag, and here it is! My very first Coach bag!!!

Right before I got the new job, I thought it may take me a while to be employed, so I decided to go back to school for my master. I went to take 2 classes at UNH, Monday and Tuesday night. Then I found out that the drive was a killer, home to work, work to school, then school to home, 90+ miles a day. Plus all the homework and study, I couldn't handle it. So, I dropped the Tuesday class. Still busy by work and school, but I got through the semester fine.

For my birthday, Andrew has sent me flowers to my office for the first time! Surprise! It arrived a day before my birthday, hahaha, the florist made a mistake. But that's ok, I love it. Thanks Honey!!

I took Costumechick's recommendation, and took Andrew to Star Wars in Concert as his birthday gift. I was trying to surprised him, but the whole surprising process was not a "comfortable" experience. Andrew was actually very stressed until we arrived the concert. So, now I know, no more surprises for him :D After all, we both enjoy the concert very much! (I was able to find the smallest cake I have ever seen in Stew Leonard's , to feed only two of us)

My high school friends have hold a 10 year reunion in Hong Kong. And a friend in Japan and I arranged to meet them online! Don't you just love the technologies nowadays?

One top of the busy schedule, somehow, Andrew and I had time to go to lots of open houses because we found out that the owner of the house that we have been sitting for has planned to sale his house in May 2010. We had planned a long that we were going to buy his house, but we just want to know if we pay the same price, what other opinions out there are. At the end of November, we found a house that suit better what we need at its open house. We put an offer on that house, and so the troubles begin... I should start another post for this house buying story, too long and it may include some cursing, so next post ;) Now we are hoping to move in the early of 2010! Good luck to us!!!

It has been a crazy busy Fall/Winter, hope we will have a good start of 2010, and slow down for a bit!!!

Happy New Year to all of my family and friends!!!


BeccaH said...

Happy New Year to you! I hope the new year brings fun adventures with house stuff!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog world! I love your new Coach purse!!!