01 November, 2006


It's Halloween. Since I had a class from 7 to 10pm tonight, Andrew and I did not do anything to celebrate. There were only 4 kids stopped by to get candies, worse than last year. However I did dress up Choppy and Sticky. I bought the outfits last year on Halloween at target, they were both on sale for 2 dallors each. Choppy and Sticky were way too small for the outfit last year, but they fit well now. However they seemed not to like them much, trying very hard to take them off.

there was a little accident at our house. A witch crashed into out breezeway door. ha. I also got a very cute hello kitty card from my mother-in-law. Thanks Mom!

Since, it's Halloween, I made something scary for dinner. I have made pork and preserved egg porridge. Most of the Americans scare of it because it's name is "thousand years old egg", but most of the Chinese love it.

After I saw how pretty An's cable scarf which she has been knitting, I can't help to knit one myself too. It is a Christmas gift, I suppose, it's either for my mom or her friend. However, I love the color and the pattern, I may not be able to let it go, we will see. ha.

Backside of the scarf


Anonymous said...

hi, Choppy and Sticky are so cute. yes, really cute

Anonymous said...

i should read your blog earlier, so i wouldn't miss your birthday. oh, happy birthday, even though it is late. yes, may you have a happier life with Andrew.

Becky said...

I laughed so hard when I saw Choppy and Sticky!! They look so cute in their costumes! I wish I had checked out your blog sooner!