28 October, 2006

Late Birthday gifts!

After finishing a mid-term exam yesterday and a robot project today, I can taste a little freedom again. I did have lots of fun during the robot project. The robot itself doesn't do much, just moves an object from one place to another. But from assembling from lego pieces, to programmed it and made it do what it needed to do, it involved lots of work. I am lucky that I have some good (and bad) team mates to finish it all together.

Came home from school this afternoon, I opened the door and saw a package in the breezeway. "Wah....." my heart started beating really fast. It's from my best friend Renee.

(My last name is Hitchcock, just in case you don't remember :) )
I ran into the house, slammed the door, dropped everything else, and ripped off the package right away. "Wah....." again, I saw something in pink, some hello kitty thing, but I saved that for last to open.
Then I saw something I have been waiting for, the Vivian concert DVD. I remember several months ago, I was joking with Jimmy that since I couldn't go to the concert in HK, he should buy me DVD once it came out. He actually did remember what I have said, and bought me the DVD as soon as it came out. Then I saw a book which I requested Renee to buy it for me. She also sent me a lip color set from Anna Sui, beautiful colors. Last but not least, I opened the hello kitty package carefully. "Wah....." my heart felt a little sour, it's a hello kitty bling bling cellphone strap. Sooooo pretty.

I asked her to find me a decent hello kitty phone strap loooong time ago. She still remembered it(*tears). I always thought that my friends in HK don't think of me, but today I found out that they still do, and not even that, they put my says in their minds, remember what I like, care what I want. I really appreciate what they did and I feel I am so loved. They are my best friends, I love you Renee, I love you Jimmy. Thank you very much ....(* tears).

After openned up everything, I popped the DVD in the player right away, love Vivian very much and forever, even though she doesn't really sing well.

While I was enjoying the concert, I did not want to stop but I had to meet some new Chinese friends for dinner at their appartment. Before I went there, I stopped by Sam's Club and picked up a Italian cream cake from the Cheesecake Factory for my friends. (by the way, it tasted awesome. Very creamy but light cheese cake) When I arrived, My friends were just starting making dumplings. So I helped a little. After eating dinner, we chatted a little, then I went home. Although they are a little younger than me, I had a really great time being with them. Dumplings were delicious too.
Came home, watched a little bit TV with Andrew, then I kept watching the concert DVD again.... still enjoying it while I am writing this... oh my gosh, it's almost 4am, bed time...

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Janny said...

I am one of your friend among your HKs` friends ar,don`t you remember ?he..he.. keep in touch and have fun all the time ~!