15 April, 2007

Relaxing weekend

Monday, I got back a test result from the thermal class. I failed... my first failed test in my U.S. life. Of course I was very upset. I studied, but I didn't get a good grade, very disappointing. However, I did have a very relaxing weekend to make myself feel better. I spent lots of time in knitting, yay!!

First of all, I have finished the Feather and Fan socks.
Secondly, a project that I have been working on. It's almost finished, do you know what that is? I am sure you have seen this pattern before. ;)
Lastly, I have started 2 new projects. One is Lacy Waves Top from the book Lace Style. I have 3/4 of the back piece done, will shape the armholes next. And the second one is another kitchen hand towel.
It's time for signing up class for the fall semester. *sigh. I will have all night classes again. I really don't like it. I remember last couple semesters ago, I also had all night classes, and my living schedule was so messed up. I would get home from school around 10pm, had dinner and went to bed at 4am. And then got up around noon or 2pm and went to school at 5pm. I didn't even spend much time with Andrew. It was so tough. And now that I know it's going to happen again, I feel so down. I am not liking it already. Plus all night classes means that I can't attend Wednesday and Thurday night SnB meeting. *crying.

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Baby Beth said...

If you ever need a "mental health day" you can always forego going to class and go to a SnB meeting instead. :)