23 April, 2007

Spring is here!!

Remember couple weeks ago, it rained really bad? Because it rained too much, our basement was flooded last Sunday night. The water in the creepy room was the deepest, almost 2.5 inch deep. Monday night, Andrew and I went to Lowe's to get a pump, we were not surprised that all the pump were gone. We were lucky found one on a staff table. The pump has worked for several hours, but still didn't suck much water out.

It has been crazy this couple weeks, lots of projects, homework, and tests. I missed SnB last week again. I felt very bad I couldn't make it. I need to go as much as I can before next semester, because I can't go next semester :(

Spring is here. The flowers in the front yard are growing fast. I planted the tulips 2 years ago. They growed very healthy last year. I hope they do the same this year also. We'll see... Finally the weather has been very nice. It was 70s in the weekend. Andrew and I went for a walk by the beach on Saturday. So romant
ic ;)


Baby Beth said...

Awww! So cute!!! Sucks about the basement but at least you got to be "romanical" with Andrew.

jennsquared said...

Sorry about the basement. We got lucky, only little leaks, no flooding. And good luck on your tests and finals!!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

I wish that we did that with the measuring tape too!

Ugh. What a mess. Now every time the call for rain my husband and I are going to be on edge.

Hope to see you at SNB soon.