18 July, 2007

Fargo Trip (part 2)

Day6:The first thing we did was to go the Uncle Eddie's restaurant to say hi to him and Aunt Renita and of course to have lunch. He makes the best lo mein in the America. I missed very very much.

Andrew stayed in my parents' house and played video games with my brother while I went out shopping with my mom. I missed shopping with my mom, she always has good eyes and finding good deals all the time. Then we took my family to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Yes, there is a Texas Roadhouse in Fargo. I know my parents don't like to eat out because they try to save money, but how could I let them miss the greatest steaks and ribs in town? And finally, I got to meet my brother's girl friend for the every first time at dinner.

Day 7(the day before Jasmine's wedding):

All four of us, the Leung's cousins had lunch at Uncle Eddie's house. Aunt Renita made Vietnamese food and Dennis(Jasmins's brother) made sushi. I am so glad that we could all spend some time together since we all live in different places. Jasmine is in Seattle, Dennis is in CA, Kaho(my brother) is in Fargo, and of course I am in CT.

After lunch, I got to meet the other bridesmaids in the manicure store. They were all very nice and kind to me that solved my "I don't know what to say to them" problem. At night, I got to meet all the groomsmen also in Donovan's mom house.

Day 8 (Wedding day):

I was jealous that Andrew could sleep until noon because I had to got up for the rehersal at 8am. Following the rehersal was the hair appointment at 10am. Then we all dressed up in Uncle Eddie's house because Donovan was picking up Jasmine around 1:15pm. That was a traditional Chinese process, the groom has to pick up the bride at her house. And the bridesmaid would give him some difficult tasks to do before they let him get in to the house and see the bride to prove how much he loves/wants to marry the bride. After all the fun tasks, we left the house and went to hall for the American trandition ceremony. After that was the traditional Chinese Tea ceremony(please ask me if you want to know what that is, or you can google it ;) ). Then the reception was followed. After dinner, everyone was hitting the dance floor, especially my dad. I have never mentioned to people before, my dad CAN dance. I will show his dancing video later, you really can't miss it!! I had a blast at the wedding. I want to thank Jasmine that giving me a chance to be part of her wedding.

After couple glasses of champaign and wine, I was OUT around mid-night once I got home.

There will be a Fargo Trip (part 3) later...

I haven't had a chance to knit at all, haven't even started the MS3, clue #4 is coming out this Friday, and I am pretty sure that I won't have time to start before that :( But I am trying to go to SnB tomorrow even I don't have any project that I can knit while listening and bitching...

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Confucius say, do not eat shrimp on a Thursday, for there is no good to be found in it.
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acambras said...

HA! My fortune cookie said, "Polystyrene will make you uncomfortable on a Monday." I guess I will have to save all my polystyrene outfits for Tuesday. :-)

Glad you're back, and I hope you make it to S&B tonight -- we've missed you!


Kelly said...

Phoebe, thanks so much for your updates! I've missed you! And I won't see you tonight at SnB cause I can't come tonight :(. I hope you don't mind re-telling the story of the "groom's tasks" next week cause I really want to hear!
Can't wait to see you at SnB.

costumechick said...

Yay! Your back! Yes we want to hear all about the tea ceremony and the groom's task. Google shmoogle. we want to hear about it from the source!

See you tonight!