20 July, 2007

Fargo Trip (part 3)

Day 9:
After a little drinking from the wedding and going to bed late, getting up early for the Mt. Rushmore trip was giving me a bad headache. We all packed up and left the appartment around 9:30am. It was supposed an 9 hours drive if we didn't stop at all to arrive Keystone, SD. But on the way there, we stopped by couple places that we(I) didn't expected. First, we stopped by Corn Palance. Loooong time ago, the building was build with corn. But it got caught on fire, so they rebuilt again, and only use corn to decorate. It was pretty amazing, but if you haven't been there before, you haven't missed anything. Then we have decided to take a short drive in Badlands. I am glad we did, because it was awesome. Since we, except Andrew, thought we were going to be in the car all day, so we dressed way too comfortable to be in the pictures, if you know what I mean. So I may not show any pictures of us in Badlands later, haha....
We stopped by Wall Drugs too for dinner.
We arrived the hotel around 10:30pm local time. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express, the room was pretty good, very clean and neat. I want to specially mention how I felt in love with their down pillows and comforter. However, the front desk lady was a little bit rude to me and actually there is another story I will tell later.

Day 10:
Holiday Inn Express does have the best continental breakfast. I miss their cinnamon rolls rolls... Anyway, our first stop, of course, was Mt Rushmore National Memorial. Nice. Next we went to see Crazy Horse, nice. Then we vistied Big Thunder Gold Mine, nice. After that we went to Bear Country USA, it's a 3-mile drive through wildlife park. We did see some deer, wolves, bears and bears, and baby bears. Last stop, we went back to Mt Rushmore National Memorial for the lighting show.

Day 11:
We packed up again to leave Keystone, SD. Before we left, we went to Beautiful Rushmore Cave. We had a pretty nice walk in the cave. I was so glad that my mom didn't come with us, since I don't think her legs could handle the climbing inside the cave. While we were leaving Keystone, we took a longer way out to drive through some tunnels which face directly to Mt. Rushmore, and some pig tail bridges, pretty fun.
Then we drove west to see Devils Tower in WY. That is one cool big rock. We thought we were going to just stop there and take some pictures... but we ended up hiking for 1 hour and 15 mins around the Tower. It wasn't too hot, and the trail was pretty easy, even my mom could do without problems. (oh, I guess I forgot to mention that my mom's legs muscle got hurt, she can't stand for long time and walk up and down stairs).
Since we have visited Devils Tower longer than we expected, our travelling plan, which was going back to Fargo, towarding east, got a little delay. It was getting late and the closest town that we had to go to settle down was toward the west, we had no choice. When we arrived that small town, all we saw in the road and hotel were pickup trucks. Then we stopped at Day Inn to check the price, $150 per room per night, I was like "WHAT?? NO Thanks." I spent much less in Holiday Inn Express in Keystone, of course I didn't want to pay $15o for Days Inn. So we tried couple more hotels, and they were all fun. I asked a front desk staff in one of the hotels, she told me the price range of a room is around $150-$180 in that area, because there are lots of mines around and the miners apparently don't mind paying for that much to stay there for the job. Again, we had no choice but to go back to Days Inn. Well, at least it was a clean room.

Day 12:
On the way back to Fargo, we have stopped by the Painted Canyon. It's quite nice. Again, my mom thought we were going to be in the car all day again, she dressed comfortably again that not ready for picture shooting. haha... Then we went to Jamestown, ND for lunch. We used the GPS and found a Chinese restaurant, very handy. While we were in Jamestown, of course we had to stop by the National Buffalo Museum to see the World Largest Buffalo. It's huge. Height: 26 feet Length: 46 feet Weight: 60 tons.
After that, our SD trip was ended.

Let's come back to the recent. I was so tired of cleaning the basement(you will know why later, or you have already known), last night, I had a break. I didn't do anything but knitted. Finally I finish MS3 clue 1. I am catching up SLOWLY! will post pictures later. I also talked to Jasmine who just came back from her honeymoon in Italy. And she said she has gotten me gift from there, she got me yarn, YAY. I can't wait to see them. Thank you so much Jass!!

Please stay tuned for Fargo Trip (part 4)....


jennsquared said...

This has been quite a trip!!! Can't wait to see some pictures and your new yarn!

Marla said...

This leg of your trip is my favorite part! I remember going to all those places. I hope to repeat the trip I took with my parents with my husband.