06 July, 2007

Fargo Trip (part 1)

Andrew and I are now I Fargo, ND.

Day 1, we started driving around 3pm in the afternoon, didn't drive much that day and stopped at Clarion, PA. When a little after sunset, we almost hit a deer on the road. If it wasn't because of Andrew's excellent driving skill, we would have totally hit it already. We stayed in Quality Inn, $70 a night, not so bad. People were extremely friendly in that town.

Day 2, we start driving around 11am, and arrived Joliet, IL. We found a casino there, which was interesting because the casino was on a boat. (it was actually an excuse to go to that casino). We stayed at the casino's hotel, $100 a night, kind of nice hotel, only over 21 years old can stay there. We saw no one in the pool and hot tub there, then we dropped off our luggages and then ran to the pool right away. We were by ourselves the whole time in the pool, which was pretty nice.

Day 3, we had some awesome donuts from the hotel, then we headed out to the casino right away. We won $70. yay!! Around 1pm, we started driving again. We have stopped at I80 the world largest truck stop in Iowa. That place is awesome. It has a shop that sells whatever the truck drivers need to custom their trucks. There is also a dentist, a barber shop, a theater, and some showers in the stop. Then while I was sleeping very comfortably in the car, Andrew got off the highway which woke me up right away. He saw a sign of Amana Colonies that he wanted to go visited. After we got off the highway, we saw a cop driving in the opposite direction from far away, passed us, U-turned behind us really fast, and had his light on. Andrew pulled over right away and was ready have a chat with him. Yes we were driving 65mi/hr on a 55mi/hr speed limit road, but "we just got off from driving 75mi/hr highway and we didn't see the speed limit sign, and we were also trying to visit the historic thing in your town, officer". Ok, the cop was very nice, he didn't give us a ticket, just a warning. He even gave us a very detail direction to the colonies. We were lucky!! After visiting that, Andrew has driven at the speed limit since. That night, we stopped at Altoona, IA. We saw a big sign say $49.99 a night at Motel 6. Since the night before we stayed in a kind of expensive hotel, we wanted to even it out, and stayed in a cheap one that night and so we went to Motel 6. After staying there for one night, I don't think I would never stay there again and I would not recommend to anyone. The hotel was made with wood. Andrew said the room was so tiny, it looked just like his college dorm. Only 2 super small and not so clean bath towels and one bar of soap were provided. I didn't even see any shampoo and stuff, not that I would use theirs since I have brought our own. I just didn't feel comfortable and clean in that room.

Day4, again, we started driving around 11am. We stopped at Rochester, MN to deliver a luggage to Andrew's co-worker and his wife who recently got a job at the Mayo Clinic. So they are moving from CT to MN. It was nice to see them. We had dinner together and then kept driving. Around 8:30pm, we have arrived Bloomington, MN. After having a "cheap hotel night" experience, we have decided to stay in Marriot that night. When we were checking in, we got some information of July 4th firework from the front desk person. After settled down in the hotel, we drove out to St. Paul to see firework. It was July 3rd that night, but they have had firework shows there for the whole week.

Day 5, what is in Bloomington, MN if you would ask. Mall of America of course! We were there around 11am, and spent 5 hours there just to walk around the mall once. We did stop by a couple of stores and the largest underground aquarium in the mall. We left there at 4:30pm, and then we finally arrived at my parents house around 9:30pm.

I didn't drive at all in these 5 days. Mileage of my car was ok, getting a bit over 30 mi/gallon. I didn't even touch my needles. I haven't started my MS3 at all. I did print out the clue, I just didn't have time. I can't knit in the car since I would get seasick. oh well, I guess I have to wait.

Sorry, there is no picture yet. I will post them as soon as possible.


beckylinn said...

Love the update! Can't wait to hear about the wedding. MS3 is kicking my butt right now. I've never had to tink and frog so much in my life! But usually that is happening when I'm too tired and should be sleeping not knitting. I love the pattern so far and it's actually a much easier pattern than I expected. You'll catch up quickly.
Drive Safely!!!

Kelly said...

So nice to hear from you on the road!! Sounds like you are having a nice time, all in all. I hope the wedding was wonderful!

jennsquared said...

Sounded like you had an awesome trip going there! I can't wait to read what other things you did while in Fargo!