22 January, 2008

SnB @ my house

Yup, I was the host of the bitches. We did the potluck thing. We had soup, salad, cheese dip, pasta, dessert, and drinks. We ate, we knitted, and we laughed... really hard for 7.5 hours.

my friend laughed really hard, I couldn't help but to take a picture of her!

For knitting, I am still working on my Cable-Down Raglan. I am almost finishing the first sleeve (if I stop blogging, I may have a chance to finish the first sleeve tonight).

May be because I have been using those pair of Knitpick Options to knit the raglan for so long, the tips have changed its' color.

I finished knitting the Beaufort Hat. I use a ball of Rowan RYC Soft Lux. I think it's perfect for the pattern. I am very satisfied, although it's a bit too long for me.

And I got the last package from my secret knitting pal. I got a Melody PEZ, a Hello Kitty washcloth pattern, and 7 balls of Plymouth Royal Bamboo in red. I am in love!!! They are so soft! I also got a card from her. She was very thoughtful that she hopes my dad get better soon. Thank you very much pal! I am touched.


acambras said...

Better blogging than frogging, right?

Love that Royal Bamboo Red!

Oh, and I'm so glad you like the Pez. Because I invented Pez.

KnelleyBelley said...

Love the pictures. We had some serious fun!

Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous. It fits you beautifully. I hope I can knit one someday when I grow up. The hat is pretty, too.

You have a great secret pal. I'm sure glad that so many people are enjoying the secret pal thing. I worked hard to come up with that whole idea. Snort.

acambras said...

Uh, Santa is my uncle.

jennsquared said...

I had lots of fun. I just found my battery charger this AM so I would be able to blog about Saturday tonight.

I love the red yarn! so pretty! I'll have to pet it at some point.

acambras and Knelley both already said what I wanted to say. so I'll leave you this -


JennM said...

Damn, Jennsquared! That's what I was gonna say!

We had so much fun. I hope we do it again!

mad knitter said...

Awww, looks like you guys had such a nice time that night! And I *love* that bamboo yarn! Have you brought it to SnB yet? I'd love to see it in person!