14 January, 2008

Snowy day

We got lots of snow this morning. Don't believe it? Here is a prove. (Look at that layer of snow on the picnic table...)

This weekend, I didn't do much. Andrew and I went grocery shopping, watched a couple of movies at home, do some laundry, and I have knitted for a good amount of time. I have casted on the Falling Water Scarf. I knitted this for Andrew's Grandma's birthday. I actually knitted a couple of repeats, and thought I didn't like it. So I frogged it. After talked to Costumechick, she said the pattern would turn out pretty after it has been blocked, and I trust her and casted it on again. She was right, after I blocked it, I love it!!! I hope Grammy is going to like it too.

Then I have made some progress on my Cable-Down Raglan. Now I am on the part that it has less cabling in the pattern which I can still handle it. There will be more cabling coming on the bottom of the sweater, it will be fun I am sure.


jennsquared said...

slacker! There is NO SNOW at work! Leaving me hanging and knit by myself!!! ;)

Love the sweater!!!!! Maybe I'll make one too!

KnelleyBelley said...

Wow! Both the scarf and your sweater are beautiful. You amaze me!