05 February, 2008

Happy Surprise Valentine's Day

Today, I was talking to Carolina about how we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day next week. I told her that usually, Andrew doesn't plan anything, just asks me what I wanted to do. So this year, maybe we will go out to have dinner, 90% Japanese food.

Andrew went to his friend's house to work out. Before he drove home, he gave me a call and asked if it's ok to have McDonalds for dinner, he would bring it back on the way home. I agreed. When he was back, it was already 9pm, I was super hungry. So I ran to the kitchen to find that brown bag. I didn't see any br
own bag, instead, I saw a big container of sushi. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day!", I said, "It's next week..." "That's why it's a surprise"... SWEET! So, I had my Sushi and Sashimi for two for dinner, and my husband knows me well!

As for knitting, I promise to show pictures of the Hemlock Ring Blankets, here they are... I am planning to give it out as a gift. I was having problem blocking it because it was hard to make it flat, it could be just me, because Jennsquared said she didn't have that problem. It's about 50" diameter about it was blocked.

I also have casted on the Juliet
last night. I am knitting 2 strands of yarn at the same time, hopefully it will come out well.


KnelleyBelley said...

The Hemlock Ring is beautiful. The sushi is pretty too! Nice husband.

jennsquared said...

I LOOOOVE the HRB!!! I didn't know you were giving it away!!! I'm thinking of making another one for myself. Maybe in the fall after my wedding.

Andrew is so sweet! :) I already told David that I don't want anything since we should just save our money for the yarn shop!