08 February, 2008

Valentine's Day Swap

I have joined the Holiday Swap from Ravelry. The first swap is for Valentine's Day. I have received my pal's package yesterday. The package contained some amazing items, like some yarn, dark chocolate(my favorite!), a letter,and a handmade gift. In the letter, my pal explained this little purse that she has made, is a perfect side for carrying things that side like a pack of sugar. :D

So, I brought the little purse to show my SnBers on Thursday night. Then Costumechick gave me her package of "sugar", which has always been in her knitting bag, to put into my new purse, and I have made sure that it wasn't used HAHAHA. How sweet! Thank you, Co

I have finished the Juliet. It's being blocked. Today, I have almost frogged the whole thing, because I thought it was too big. At the end, I did frogged about 5 rows since I didn't have enough yarn for the last repeat, so I ripped it and binded off. Will show more pictures next post.


WifeMomKnitter said...

That one nice "sugar packet" holder ya got there, Anphoe! ;-)

acambras said...

Hmmm. Sugar.... how sweet. ;-)

jennsquared said...

sugar? Riiiiiiiight.

KnelleyBelley said...

I need to knit me up a Splenda carrier! So cool!

Can't to see the finished, blocked Juliet!

Erin said...

Sounds like you had a very nice swap partner. I like the little sugar holder. It would also be very handy for mints and stuff, too. :)