26 January, 2008

I love top down pullover

Yup, the Cable-Down Raglan is DONE!!! I love the sweater, because there was no seaming, (well a little bit to sew the underarm) made me finish even faster.

The yarn that I used was Misti International Pima Cotton/Silk. I have used about 6.5 skeins of it. I like the color of it. It's soft, but it seems to have lots of lints even I haven't washed it yet. All in all, I am proud of myself that I can finish it before the semester starts. I will wear it next week no matter what, even it's going to be 60s degrees...

Last night Andrew and I went to watch Cloverfield with my friend and her husband last night. The movie supposed to start at 10pm. Previews last about 15-20 mins. And we left around 11-ish. I think I was interested into the content of the movie, but the camera just moved so much and so fast that it made me really sick. I think I have watched about 20 mins of the movie, and listened to it for the rest of time. But still, my friend and I were both so sick that we have decided to go. So people who can't knit during car rides, please don't watch this movie.

22 January, 2008

SnB @ my house

Yup, I was the host of the bitches. We did the potluck thing. We had soup, salad, cheese dip, pasta, dessert, and drinks. We ate, we knitted, and we laughed... really hard for 7.5 hours.

my friend laughed really hard, I couldn't help but to take a picture of her!

For knitting, I am still working on my Cable-Down Raglan. I am almost finishing the first sleeve (if I stop blogging, I may have a chance to finish the first sleeve tonight).

May be because I have been using those pair of Knitpick Options to knit the raglan for so long, the tips have changed its' color.

I finished knitting the Beaufort Hat. I use a ball of Rowan RYC Soft Lux. I think it's perfect for the pattern. I am very satisfied, although it's a bit too long for me.

And I got the last package from my secret knitting pal. I got a Melody PEZ, a Hello Kitty washcloth pattern, and 7 balls of Plymouth Royal Bamboo in red. I am in love!!! They are so soft! I also got a card from her. She was very thoughtful that she hopes my dad get better soon. Thank you very much pal! I am touched.

14 January, 2008

Snowy day

We got lots of snow this morning. Don't believe it? Here is a prove. (Look at that layer of snow on the picnic table...)

This weekend, I didn't do much. Andrew and I went grocery shopping, watched a couple of movies at home, do some laundry, and I have knitted for a good amount of time. I have casted on the Falling Water Scarf. I knitted this for Andrew's Grandma's birthday. I actually knitted a couple of repeats, and thought I didn't like it. So I frogged it. After talked to Costumechick, she said the pattern would turn out pretty after it has been blocked, and I trust her and casted it on again. She was right, after I blocked it, I love it!!! I hope Grammy is going to like it too.

Then I have made some progress on my Cable-Down Raglan. Now I am on the part that it has less cabling in the pattern which I can still handle it. There will be more cabling coming on the bottom of the sweater, it will be fun I am sure.

09 January, 2008

My wrists, MY WRISTS!!!

My wrists hurt! Yes, it's because of knitting too much. The last weekend was nice, Andrew and I watched a movie, did a bit grocery shopping and the rest of the time, he fixed the computer, watched tv. And I did some laundry and knitted!!! I spent more time with yarn than my husband... I have been knitting several things. First, since I still have 1.3 hanks of Malabrigo Silky Merino, I have decided to knit a scarf to go with it. At first, I wanted to knit the Liesel scraf again (the last one I made was so pretty that I gave it to my best friend), but the pattern didn't really come out nicely with the hand-painted yarn, so I ripped it.

Then I modified the Foliage hat pattern to become a scarf. But after I have written the whole pattern in half an hour, I went to Raverly and found the exact pattern!!! Oh well, I did have fun making up the pattern though.

Last week, the co-work, who just had a baby couple months ago and I knitted him a pair of baby booties, told me that mittens would be great to have now... So, I knitted a pair of mittens with the leftover yarn from the booties. However, I ran out of yarn when I started to decrease the second mitten, so close. So I went to buy one more skein. Of course I finished the mitten, I still have 0.95 skein of yarn left. So, I knitted a hat also. However(again) the hat is way too small for the baby!!! Doh. If you know anyone just have a baby boy, please let me know, I have a give for him.

What else? Oh, I picked up the Cable-Down Raglan again. Since I have put it again for a while, I forgot where I left off and how to read that pattern. First of all, it has 2 errors in the pattern, which I had to read and read and read so many times to understand it(I guess I am dumb). Then After I knitted one row, it just didn't make sense to me how it looked. So, I frogged it and knitted it again from the very beginning. Honestly, I love the pattern and the look of the cables, but I am getting tired of cabling. I also love the yarn, it's Misti International Pima Cotton/Silk, yum...

Oh, I want to thank Rebecca for giving me some Zephyr lace yarn and Knelleyfor giving me some Fun Fur last week at SnB.

Also, I want to show you a picture of me at work on Monday. Don't ask what I was doing, sorry, can't tell... :D

At last, I saw people are having so much fun in their blogs for doing this, and here is mine...

Anphoe --

Similar to butter in texture and appearance

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

04 January, 2008

Back to work...

I almost called in sick yesterday. No, I wasn't sick, I just didn't want to end the vacation. and go back to work.

Since last post, I has finished 2 more projects.

A Calorimetry. I made it with RYC Soft Lux. The FO is way too big. It almost covers my whole head. But it can cover both of my ears, so it works for me.

And I have finished the Foliage at SnB tonight. Thanks for Jenn to let me borrow her needles to finish it. I love the yarn, Malabrigo Silky Merino in Stonechat.

01 January, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I had a REALLY NICE New Year's Eve. My SIL came visit us. We picked her up at Lee Outlet and then headed to WEBs around 1pm. We were there for almost 2 hours, and of course we bought "a little bit" yarn (let's say,
we both got 25% off discount). I know you won't believe me, here is a picture to prove...
I do need to show the Malabrigo Silky Merino in a closer shot, because it is just too beautiful and yummy. I got the Stonechat color.

Traditionally, I would make a fancy dinner for New Year's Eve, but I knew that we were going to Webs, and who knew how long we were going to be there. So I prepared the dinner the day before. I was going to make salmon with wasabi butter sauce, but I couldn't find fresh salmon. Then I tried to make chicken instead. After marinated the chicken, I screwed up the sauce. I was frustrated, and give up the dinner. We went to Bangkok Garden in New Haven for dinner. Yum!! However, I did make my own dessert... my favorite... Creme Brulee...

We watched the ball dropped last night/this morning on TV, and then went to bed. This morning, we dropped off my SIL back to New York. I felt so sad. I did have a great time with her, knitting, yarn shopping... I wish she could live closer to me. Or may be I could join her Moms' club someday.

As for knitting, during the holidays break, I finished 2 project, the Carolina socks and Fuchsia Lace scarf. Now I am going to cast on something else....