07 October, 2007

Filling up the cubes

Here is the beginning of the story... Jenn and I have ordered some Jagger Zephyr Wool-silk lace yarn in cones with our SnBers. Jenn and I have decided to have a yarn winding party to split up all the yarn in balls. The plan was to meet up on Saturday to wind our yarn, but, there is also a sale in Yarn Garden, so we were like, "Should we go to Yarn Garden to take a look first?" "Of Course!!". Then We have changed our plan a little. We met up at Yarn Garden, spent couple hours there... Yes, I bought yarn, just because I need to fill up the yarn wall. OK, I told myself that I won't buy any sock yarn, and... I ended up buying 3 skeins, Austermann Step, Tofutsies, and Cherry Tree Hill. I also bought some CE Princess, CE Bazic Wool, and DB Alpaca Silk. What else did I buy? 2 books and a magazine.

I had a lot of fun today. I have never winded yarn from a cone before. It was quite an experience. And Jenn brought a digital scale with her so that we can split the yarn evenly. Very smart!
After I-don't-know-how-many weeks I haven't been to SnB, I finally got a chance to this week since the professor of Thursday night class is out of town. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. I missed it. Don't worry, I will get to go next week too because next Thursday, I have a take home exam, so NO CLASS! Jen said," oh, then Phoebe is going to do her exam during SnB..." Yeah, right!

I have casted on the Cable-Down Raglan, but since there is a correction for the pattern which I don't really quite understand how to keep knitting it, so it has been sitting on my yarn wall now since SnB. For now, since I have lots of lace yarn, I may just start another lace project... wait, I haven't finished MS3 yet, haven't started the Secret of Stole, I don't even have time to knit, but I have joined another mystery project already, what's wrong with me? But I saw this Mystic Waters KAL in costumechick's blog, and I couldn't help but to join it.

In case you are wondering, my dad is still in ICU(they call it CCU there, Critical Care Unit). He is pretty much still the same, but the doctor said my dad is getting a little bit better after every surgery. Thanks for every one's concern, I really appreciated. OK, I am going back to do my homework...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see The Wall! Becky will be so jealous - she just ordered some yarn also, but no time to really knit, same as you.
Glad your father is still making some progress. You are all in our thoughts.
Mom H.

jennsquared said...

You have a cool MIL! She leaves you messages! My SMIL (Step MIL) reads my blog but never leaves me any messages... She just sends me emails - I keep telling her to leave one...

I didn't see the second book you got! What is it? Do you like it yet? I still haven't gone through all the patterns from the books I bought!!