12 November, 2007

Bake Sale 2

The bake sale was a big success today! My cheesecake and pumpkin pie were all sold out today(fast too)! I am so so so happy that people like them a lot. Especially the cheesecake, I just couldn't help to smile from my the bottom of my heart when I saw people had that "yummmmm" look on their faces. Someone even asked me to marry him because of the cheesecake (of course I said "sorry, I am taken") and keep using the f-word to express how good the cake was( you know how the college kids speak in these days). I love that feeling when someone loves your food. It's a big big paid off. If you like to cook, you would know what I mean. Even though I took off half day from work to sit at the table and I didn't get paid at all, it's totally worth it. I had lots of fun today! Of course, during the down time, I was knitting, what is new?


beckylinn said...

So glad it all went well! It is a great feeling when people like your food and you are a great cook. I'm not surprised everyone loved your treats so much! What are you knitting?

JennM said...

If the pies and cheesecake taste half as good as they look in the pictures, it's no wonder they went as fast as they did! Nice job, anphoe!

Erin said...

Glad you had a good time at the bake sale. I would totally have gotten some of that cheesecake. :)