25 November, 2007

Thanksgiving week

Tuesday was Andrew's birthday. Monday night after midnight, I gave him a card and a gift with a video game and a Spurs NBA Championship 2002-2003 dvd(since he always liked David Robinson) in a gift bag. He didn't show any excitement at all which he explained later it was because it was late, and he was tired and sleepy. Anyway, in the morning, while he was still sleeping, I put another gift in the same gift bag and tissue paper. It was the VCR tape of Spurs won the 1998-99 NBA Champion. That tape was ruin during the flood in our basement in July. He was very upset that he has lost it since he never opened it and has kept it for so long. So, I thought it would be a good gift. But he was still in bed when I left home for work. He never mentioned it at work at all, so I assumed he didn't know there was another gift for him.

I left work a bit early, around 4:30pm, and went pick up a fruits bouquet from Edible Arrangement. Then I rushed home to made a special dinner, since he said he didn't want to go out. Once I got home, I had the oven getting preheated right away. Then I checked my emails and stuff. I got a message from one of my friends that our friend had some problems and needed some "friends" time that night. I really really wanted to go and give her some support, but it was my husband's birthday. I gave her a call right away and apologized I couldn't make it that night, and hoped she would understand that even though I wasn't there physically, I was mentally there for her. I felt really bad I couldn't go, but I had to continue making the dinner. I know Andrew doesn't like steak much, I cook chicken too often, and he doesn't eat seafood... Which restaurant or what dish does he like the most? Then I have decided to make "Texas Roadhouse". I have made baby back ribs, mashed potato, and chili. I popped the ribs in the oven for 2.5 hours(yes, that long, that was why I had to leave work a bit early). I cheated, I made the mashed potato from Betty Crocker Homestyle Creamy Butter mashed potatoes in a box, and the chili is also from a can.

Andrew went to his friend's house to work out, so I had as much time I needed to make the meal. Once he got home, it's already 8pm. I had the table all setup and had a bottle of drink for him, so that he doesn't need to open the fridge and see the fruits bouquet. As I was serving the food, he walked over the fridge and opened it, and said, "What the hell..." I was shocked, I didn't expect him to see that. I was like, "YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO OPEN THE FRIDGE!!!" He said he wanted water instead the drink on the table. So he saw the bouquet. Ruin the surprise, well, he said it was still a surprise. I guess...

When Andrew saw the ribs, potato and stuff, he said "This is Texas Roadhouse!!" Right, that's what I wanted to hear! After we had meal(all tasted good, thank goodness), he couldn't wait to see the fruits bouquet out of the fridge. It was indeed very cool, although it was way too much fruits for 2 of us. Then I told him that he had another gift in the gift bag. Of course he loved the tape. It was a nice night, and I hoped he enjoyed it(he better!!)
yes, we were using the Hello Kitty placemats.

Wednesday we went to work, left quite early, got home and went out to look for a Amazon gift card for his friend, who had just swore in(I did too couple years ago, but I didn't become a lawyer, I became a citizen), in some drugs store. And we had no luck and called it the night.

Thursday morning, we packed and went to my PIL's and spent a lovely Thanksgiving there. On the way there, the traffic was really bad, so we asked the GPS to take us another way. And we saw this huge haunted house which I would like to share.
Once we have arrived there, we went to see my FIL's lately project...

Andrew and his father under the bridge

It is an amazing bridge. Very impressive!!

For Thanksgiving, My MIL made a very very delicious meal for us(sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the meal, I was too excited when I saw all the food, too busy drooling). Homemade dinner rolls, very garlic-y real-mashed potato, awesome green bean casserole, tasty stuffing, and of course TURKEY. They said the turkey was a bit dry, but I said it was very very good. I loved it. I even rudely asked my MIL if I could take some turkey home... My favorite was the green bean casserole! After eating that much food, of course all of my blood went from the brain to the stomach = a good night sleep = I went to bed pretty early and got up really late the next morning. We left on Friday night.

Saturday morning, we went to NYC for Andrew's friend's birthday and passing the Bar party. We took the train since we really don't like driving in NYC. Plus, I got to knit during the train ride. We really had a great time there.

Then I called up Jennsquare to see if there are some yarn store near by Time Square, so that I could go visit. She found me one. But once we got there, it was closed. We went to Lush too, but I didn't find anything I like. Every time we go to NYC, Andrew would make sure that we go to the Sanrio store, and so we did this time too. Of course I bought some stuff from there.

A Hello Kitty sweater and a pin

a HK long ruler, HK chopsticks, a pair of sissors, a cellphone charm and a hat!!!

While we were walking around in NYC, we found a fair thingy at Bryant Park(I know that part because of Project Runway). There were some interesting stores in tents and a looooooong line for ice skating.

Then we passed by Chipotle. Have you ever had Moe's? One time I was chatting with Jennsquare, she said she likes Chipotle better than Moe's, and I love Moe's. So once I saw Chipotle in the city, of course I had to try it. It was really good. we had some to-go too. Andrew and I both like it very much, but too bad they are not close to us. So, Moe's is still better for right now.

Then we took the train back home. Got home around 11pm. Took a shower, then I passed out.

I know it is a very very long post, may be because I haven't posted for long time. But Congratulations! you have survived after reading this long boring post!!


KnelleyBelley said...

You've been a busy girl. It sounds like you made sure your husband had a great birthday. You're so thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

What a week! I had tried to find the video for Andrew - how thoughtful of you to get it. Glad you enjoyed TDay dinner - it was even better as leftover...sorry you didn't get any of the turkey soup...yummy! Looks like NYC was a good trip!!
Mom H

Octopus Knits said...

I'm glad Andrew's birthday worked out - you sure did a lot! And your thanksgiving sounds wonderful!