11 November, 2007

Bake Sale

Mechanical Engineering Honor Society in UNH is having a bake sale tomorrow. As a honor member, I, of course, helped to bake. I started making my signature Oreo Cheesecake, it does take 2 days to make it, bake, add more stuff, bake, chill and then add more stuff, 2 days process. It's so good, it's totally worth it, but I don't eat cheesecake. Today, I baked 2 pumpkin pies, and my another signature item, Chocolate and Walnut Snack Bars. It took me 3 hours to prepare and bake, and another couple hours to chill and pack. So, I have been busy baking this weekend. Hopefully people will buy them tomorrow.
Before packaging

After packaging

Last Thursday, since my professor wanted a day off, I didn't have class that night. After work, I went to school to do some homework. Then I ran into my friends Dave and Miguel, both from Columbia. They were so evil that th
ey took me to a great Columbian restaurant which serve awesome Columbian food. I have tried something new, and I like it a lot. I said they were evil because they made me going to SnB late. It was almost 8pm when I got there. But I still had a good time chatting and knitting with my friends as always. And I am going again next week, since I have a take home exam next Thursday, so NO CLASS again. Lucky me... Sometimes, it also makes me mad because I did pay for the expensive tuition, but I am not learn anything from that class...

Me and Dave

Oh, during baking, I did have time to knit a little bit. At the trip to buy plastic bags for packaging the snack bars, I went to A. C. Moore, and guess what, I bought a ball of yarn. It's Bernat Organic Cotton. Then, while cheesecake was being baked, I casted on a pair of baby booties. I have never made baby booties before, I had no idea how they are easy and fast to knit. I finished it this morning. There was some sewing, not much, but I still hate it. They are gifts for one of my co-worker's new born son.

Also, I accidentally washed the swatch of the MWS which is the Zephyr lace yarn...


jennsquared said...

All the sweets are makinig me hungry!!!! They look wonderful! I would be completely shocked if they don't go. And if it does happen, you should bring them to work!!! :)

I'll be in Kaizen all week besides Friday, so I probably won't see you this week :( But I'm planning to go to SnB on Thursday! :)

KnelleyBelley said...

Yum! You're quite the baker. It's pumpkin pie season and I can't wait to get my hands on a piece or three. I wish I could try yours!

costumechick said...

wow. yummy food! but, oh, that poor swatch.

JennM said...

OMG! That cheesecake looks SO GOOD! Hopefully the bake sale goes well. I actually cringed when I saw the swatch. I feel so bad for you!