02 December, 2007

Crazy about HK

It snowed this morning. And this is my driveway.

Last week was a busy week. But the next couple weeks, I will be like dying busy. Finals starts on the 13th, so before that, I got to finish all the papers and homework and get ready for the exams... I am not sure if I can handle all that... good luck to me.

Since I have been super busy, I didn't have much time to knit. I did go to SnB last Thursday to see my friends for an hour. I didn't skip class. The professor let us go way early, so I could make it to SnB around 8pm.

Saturday, I got to go out shopping with some friends. Andrew was nice, he let me go have fun and he took care some household stuff. I went to Clinton Crossing with Deborah and Chien. We met there around 11:30am, and we were done around 5:30. Yup, lots of walking. I believe we had only sat down for a couple of coffee for only 20 minutes. I got some winter clothes which I really needed and a pair of khaki pants for Andrew. And of course, I got some Christmas shopping done too. I am very closed to finish. Ha, and the most exciting thing was, I have found what I have been looking for for the last couple years.

Yup, a super cute HK stocking. And for some reasons, I am so crazy about Hello Kitty. Well, I am usually crazy about HK, but lately, the situation has been turned into extreme!! I guess it has happened since I got back from NYC after visiting the Sanrio store there. And I am trying to turn my craft/study room into a Hello Kitty room. So, I have ordered a clock last week, and it came this week. And finally Andrew has put it up on the wall in that room.

OK, enough show and tell. Time to get back to do some math.


JennM said...

Good luck with your exams and papers!

Love the Hello Kitty stocking. They were advertising HK items in the Sunday newspaper, but I can't remember what store. Of course, I thought of you!

costumechick said...

you'll do great! Passing with flying colors!

KnelleyBelley said...

You'll get through it all. It'll be over soon.

Hello Kitty! The stocking is adorable and so is the clock. I'm so jealous that you'll have a Hello Kitty room! How fun! Thanks again for the HK datebook you gave me. I can't wait for 2008!

Erin said...

Good luck with all your final projects! The new Hello Kitty stuff is so cute. I'm sure your room will be great. We'll need pictures, of course!

Anonymous said...

Oh the HK sewing machine isn't hard to use at all. I've never used a sewing machine on my own and I didn't have too much trouble getting started. Just gotta read the manual.
We can have a sewing party!! :)