09 December, 2007

The tree is up

This year, we have taken the risk to put our tree up. Why a risk? Because our cats love to playing or chewing with it. Plus, all the balls(ornaments of course) hanging down makes the cats very excited. We will see if the tree is still up tomorrow morning. I also have put up some stockings this year.

This pre-lighted ugly tree was only $20

These stocking are also cheap, got them from target last year after Christmas, 90% off of $14.

Last Friday, if you remember there was some heavy snow situation, DH and I and couple people from work went to watch Beowulf at IMAX at Hartford. It took us a bit more than 2 hours to drive up there, but it's totally worth it. It was my first 3-D movie experience. I want to say, "It's AWESOME!!". And of course, I couldn't help but to take some pictures of us with IMAX glasses, whole bunch of dorks...

I think I look kind of pretty in this picture for some reason... may be because my face was covered by that pair of huge glasses.

Still no knitting pictures, be patient my friends, the finals are almost done, and then I can knit again. One more week!!!


Erin said...

You do look pretty in that picture! The tree and stockings look so cute. I'm not decorating this year (I don't know where I'd put the tree), so I'm more than happy to look at other people's trees:) Good luck with the rest of your finals!!

mad knitter said...

Aw, Phoebe, you *always* look pretty! Nice pic, too!
Pretty tree and stockings! Those cat stocking are hilarious!
See you soon!

JennM said...

Your tree is NOT ugly!!!! I think it's cute. I am not putting mine up again this year for the same reason that you were worried about. I have at least one dog that I'm sure would knock the ornaments off the tree. And I agree with Mad Knitter. You always do look pretty!

KnelleyBelley said...

All the balls. Don't we love this time of year? Your tree looks beautiful. You're brave to put it up with those kitties running around. Last year, my kitty climbed our tree all the way to the top. She was a tiny kitten then, so it wasn't a big deal, but this year I'm afraid she'll knock the whole thing over. She also stole the few ornaments I put on. She'd run away with them. Bad kitty.

You do look very pretty in the picture, but it's NOT because of the glasses.