05 June, 2007

Started working

I started working at Schick on Monday. It's an ok job, but I could earn some extra money, not complaining.

I didn't do much lately. During the weekend, Andrew cleaned up the house a bit, I did some laundry and cooking. Monday day night, we started watching 24 again. We both know that once we have started, we can't stop, and we have watched 3 episodes in a roll on Monday. Since Andrew went finishing and came home late last night, we could only watch 1 episode. And we are planning on watching more tonight. I can't wait... I remember some SnBers said they can't knit when they are watching "Lost" because they can't miss one second of it. I feel the same say as I am watching 24. Usually when I watched Survivors, I would have my project ready before I started. But now, I won't even consider taking out the needles right before watching 24. I think I am addicted, well not just now, but since season 1 I guess.

Since I have been watching lots of TV, I didn't get much knitting done. I finished the Gift #2. Will post pictures of it later once the person got my gift. And I have been working on my Shedir hat (Still don't know how to pronouce it). I have just started the decreasing, hopefully I can finished in time, so that I can wear it in the winter... :D

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Celia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I was just admiring your Clementine Shawlette the other day over at the KAL, you did a beautiful job! And the cable work in the Shedir hat looks like a lot of efforts. Looking forward to seeing the FO!