25 June, 2007

MS3 swatches

I did couple swatches for MS3. I have used Knitpicks Options size 3 and 4 on each swatch. I think it's the matter of how I blocked them, the size 3's swatch is bigger than the size 4's. I guess I need to learn how to block in a proper way. So knitters, how do I block the objects? Which one or what size of needles should I use for the stole? Suggestions please?!

I recevied the beads from Earthfaire.com today. It's called Amethyst Lined Crystal AB 8/0. I also got some free bead samples from the vendor...

Copy Jenn's idea

These are the beads I am going to use for MS3. I have already done a swatch with these beads, but it's on my blocking board now, I will show the pict
ures of it later.

Since I was so excited that I got the beads tonight, I asked Andrew to drive me to A.C. Moore to get a hook for the beads before dinner. It's so tiny...

comparing to a piece of rice

Then we went to Chick's by the water and ordered some seafood to go... yummmm. There were so much food, I don't think I can finish the whole plate for
2 more meals.

Ok, enough pictures for tonight.


jennsquared said...

Yum! I never ate there before! I'll have to check them out!

The beads are so pretty! :) Glad you copied my idea. I certain don't want your address showed up on the internet ;)

costumechick said...

I love Chick's. Dave and I were going to go there the othernight. We probably would have seen each other again!

I still haven't swatched my MS3...