27 June, 2007


I usually don't swatch, really, I don't. But because I am not familiar with lace, I did 3 swatches for the stole. I have shown 2 of their pictures on the last post. Here is the last one. I used KP Options size 2 with beads.

from left, size 4 needles, size 3, and size 2 with beads

Ok, couple days after I blocked the swatches, they looked like they are in the right size order. But still, I don't know which one is better... I am bring them with me to SnB tomorrow and see if the ladies can help me out with that. HELPPPPP!!!

If Becky still hasn't received her yarn for her stole yet, I am making her jealous again haha:D

I just realized something. The first clue is going to be released tomorrow, but I will start driving to Fargo on Saturday morning, and I won't be back in 2 weeks... that means after the trip, I have to catch up 3 clues of MS3... I am a bit worried now.


Erin said...

I think they all look pretty good, maybe you can bring them tonight so we can see in person? Yours look much nicer than mine -- I didn't block mine quite as well. I think your shawl is going to turn out really nice -- I love the yarn and bead colors.

costumechick said...

I like the size 3, but I want to see it in person. :) Oh, and you could always take it along on your road trip....

Octopus Knits said...

I'm not very useful -- they all look good to me! The beads are very nice.

Don't worry, I'm sure you won't get too far behind. Have fun!

Kelly said...

I feel quite unqualified to judge your swatch cause I've never done lace, but I just wanted to say that all of your swatches are very pretty, and I'm sure you will find the best needles for the job! Good luck starting the project, and have a wonderful time away!

Also, I *love* that sugar maple yarn in your previous post! Now *that*, I want to pet!