06 October, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday is my favorite sister's, Yim Lam's birthday. Happy Birthday Yim Lam. For Chinese, the cousins with the same last name, we also call each other sisters and brothers. She and I were very close when we grew up. We told each other everything. I see her as one of my best friends. I wanted to post her picture here, but I know may be she doesn't want me to. Hey Lam, if it's ok to post our picture here, let me know.
And Today in my niece's, Lindy's birthday. Happy Birthday Lindy. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Phoebe give you the best wishes.

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zheng hongyan said...

hi,thank you for your words! hehe,I am just kidding! I rally don't like the smell of the cigar! I thought the American like smoking,so...
hehe,maybe as the time goes on,I wil change my attitude.