25 October, 2006

Sick again!!

I have been sick since last weekend. I started to have a fever on Friday night. It stopped on Sunday morning, but I started to have a stomachache, and it never goes away since then. I am having a mid-term exam on Thursday, and I was supposed to study during the weekend, but I couldn't, so I have to use some of my sleeping time to do that this week. It's so irony that I am sick, so I need more time to be rest, but because I have to study for the exam, I don't have time to get rest, and if I don't get enough rest, I will keep getting sick. When will I feel better? (plan for this weekend, lots of homework = no rest) Moday morning, I found out that I have the cold sore again on my lip. It was a terrible experience when I was in HK. My lip got really big, and I looked very ugly. So due to all of my sickness, I went to see my doctor on Monday afternoon. She said I have some kind of infection. And the cold sore is because I am under stress(from studying I guess). She gave me some antibiotic. However, after I have been taking the medicine fro couple days, I still feel the same, not better. :( Luckily, while I was not in the mood of studying last weekend, I knitted a lot. That makes me feel better. So I have decided that, no matter what or how busy I am, Thursday would be my knitting day. Andrew agreed with me that knitting clams me down. So, I have decided to spoil myself, yay!!


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Did it work?

Hope you feel better. :)