10 October, 2006

I am lucky!

I am happy that my parents-in-law commended that I am smart and work hard in school. It is such a big encouragement for me to work harder. My parents never commend me like that. They never told me "Good job" or something similar. But they always told me how bad I did in class, or how lazy I was back then. I guess it is because, for Chinese, especially in Hong Kong, being smart and getting good results in school are always expected by the parents. (plus I never did well in school in HK). It is our duty to work hard and get the highest grade in the class. There were lots of pressure given by the parents. It is funny that now they don't give me any, but I give a lot to myself.
Anyway, Andrew's father thinks that Andrew is lucky that he found me. I want to tell him that I think I am the lucky one who have been found. And I am fortunate that Andrew's parents or family are so nice
and easy to get along with. After Andrew and I got married, we have been helped by them in all ways. I am glad that they don't mind I am Asian, which have a very different culture. I remember when we got married, I told Andrew that I wanted to do some chinese ceremonies, which I wanted his parents or family to cooperate, like the Tea ceremony and the "Hair Combing Ceremony". They did all that just because I am Chinese. If their son had married an American girl, they would never have to go through those troubles.
Also, they are very patient. My english is not good, so that when they talk to me, they wold speak slower or make sure I understand what they say. I found that not too many people are able to do that. I can tell that because in school, people would not talk to me because it is annoying for them to keep repeating what they say. I am glad that Andrew and his family don't mind about my bad english(or maybe they do...). Sometimes I feel bad that when Andrew and I watch a movie at home, we have to pause it so many times because he has to explain to me some words in the movie. So if the movie is 2 hours long, may be we have to spend 3 hours to finish it.
After all, I think I am the lucky one who has found Andrew. :)
By the way, I have finished one of the scaves that I am knitting. It is the simplest scarf ever. One time I was shopping for yarn in a craft store. A lady saw me looking confused, so she asked me if I needed help. I told her that a) I am beginner and b) I liked this yarn, but I don't know what to do with it. So, she told me this easiest pattern for the scarf. Yay, I finished it in couple days or several hours... looks nice?


vera said...

Yes,I think you are so lucky that you are found by Andrew and his family. What I want to say is you also bring luck to them even though you haven't realized. Hehe, Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

You mean we are never being nice to you??? huh.......jk.....

Jasmine said...

I am glad you and Andrew's family are doing well. I definetly notice a difference in encouragement from an American family vs Chinese. Not that my parents every said anything mean to me, but I don't think they ever said Good Job etc. I always felt that I was being compared to Dennis (and there was no way I was as smart as him). Donovan always encourages me and says good job and things like that. Sometimes I get annoyed when he says it too often, I think it is just that I am not used to it and think he is making it a big deal when it is not.

Anyways - July 7, 2007! Be in Fargo to be a bridesmaid!! I think I should pick out a bright pick dress for everybody to wear :-)

Jasmine said...

pick = pink, opps

Yim Lam said...

It looks sooooo nice,haha!
For HK time, Happy Birthday to you!
Always happy and pretty, hahaha
I still haven't found a good picture of myself yet, so don't put others on the web ._."
kiss ^3^

jennsquared said...

I know what you mean about the whole english thing. David and I do the same thing about the movies!!!

The scarf is very cute! What pattern was it? I couldn't really tell from the picture!