20 October, 2006

Miss Home

Finally, I got my scarf done. It took me long time to finish it not because it's difficult to knit, it's because it's a boring pattern. So I knitted a little and put it away for a while, and then knit a little again, and so forth. The hat is way too small, it can barely fit me. I was thinking giving it to my neice, but she lives in Phoenix, a hot place all year round. So I guess she doesn't need it. Anyway, lately I have been missing my family. I wanted to go home this Christmas, but since I am going to attend my cousin's wedding where is going to be hold in where my parents are, I have to wait until next summer. Since I haven't cooked for a while, I miss homemade food. I miss my mom's dishes. I miss playing mahjong with my family. That's why I can't wait for summer to come, but winter is just here... :(


vera said...

the hat and scarf are very nice, you look nice with them,Ilike.
you miss homemade food,hehe,me too!
how about your mood,I think you worry aboout your test so much.

costumechick said...

I know your hat is a little too small, but it is so cute! You look all warm and toasty, just in time fo rthe cold weather.

See you on Thursday!

Val/ costumechick