17 October, 2006

Happy tears

I couldn't believe it, Andrew baked me a birthday cake. For some reasons, I was very down yesterday(even though it was my birthday). Andrew wanted to cheer me up and make my day special, he went to Target himself and bought the ingredients for the cake. He came back, and was doing something in the kitcken. I was studying for my tests in the computer room, got very frustrated, so I didn't bother checking him out. But as soon as he walked in to the room, I smelled something good coming from outside. I didn't ask him what it was, I just walked out to the kitchen, and then... I saw a baked cake. And then, no surprise, my tears ran down from my eyes.
a double layer cake, incredible!! yeah, it doesn't look so good, but it tastes real good!!

Beside the cake, he also got me a Bday card. The card said, " To my wife, I love the way you do that amazing thing... putting up with me". I was so... I couldn't find a word to express myself. I want to say I am sorry to him, because, actually, I think he is the one who is putting up with me all these years. I really appreciated what he has been doing for me. We do fight sometimes(which couple doesn't fight?), but he always let me win. Lately, I have been so carzily busy at school, I don't have time to clean, to cook, to take care of everything, but he never complains about that. Instead, he does most of the household work. Sometimes, he even makes dinner for me, even though they are simple meals, but hey, I don't have to cook, how can I ask for more? See, another fact for proving that I am lucky that I have found Andrew.


Jasmine said...

Your cake looks yummy! Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

you are living a so happy life! I hope I can live a happy life like you do now!you are so lucky! hehe

Bijal said...

awwwwwww! when will i get married!

btw you guys are soo cute together!!!